Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's On... Again!

My brother and I have rescheduled our first game of 5th edition 40k for next weekend, giving me just over a week to finish reading the rules, get the armies ready, and the terrain assembled. This seems much more realistic than the last time when I had only 36 hours to do the same. I'm going to throw myself into this as much as I can for the next week with the caveat of course being that I know I'll still be busy being a dad. I just need to maximize my usage of whatever spare moments I am able to get along the way.

As for the battle itself, I think we're going to stick with the same plan of 500 point armies, although I have a feeling that my brother is going to be using his Necrons instead of my Tyranids which is okay. I want him to eventually, and hopefully soon, begin using another army beside Necrons as they have not fared well in the transition from 4th to 5th edition. I'm sure they'll be viable again if Games Workshop ever gets around to doing another Codex for them but who knows how long that could take? I've always felt that Necrons were a bit boring and somewhat frustrating both to use and to play against as there just is not a lot of variety in the army list. Add to that the annoyance factor of Monoliths and self-repairing robots and we now have all the components needed for a game that just isn't a lot of fun.

Despite all that I've painted enough Necrons to field an almost fully painted army which is more than I can say for many of other collections. If I could force myself to finish off one squad of Necron Warriors and the Flayed Ones then I would be satisfied, although a few more Heavy Destroyers would be useful. Since I promised my brother years ago that I would paint an army for him, this is really a project to which I should return. They are fotunately at least quite easy to paint even though I still managed to ruin my last batch of Warriors with a basecoat spray malfunction. (I now suspect it was again due to trying to spray paint when the humidity was too high.) So while I'm at it another Necron Lord and at least another three Destroyers would certainly fill out his roster sheet nicely, not mention an additional three or four Warrior squads to get the army more suited to 5th editions emphasis on scoring units.... Sigh.

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