Saturday, August 15, 2009

Peace for Now

The game scheduled for last night between my brother and I has been delayed for probably a week or so. We've been cleaning so much around the house that I did not have time to get much done preparing for the game and certainly did not finish reading the rules or writing any scenarios. My brother was exhausted from his work week and decided it would be too late of a night for him as well since we were not planning on starting until shortly after 9pm. Oh well, we'll get in a game eventually, although I'm sure I've said the same thing many times over the past few years. I have confidence this time though and will be sure to post updates as warranted.

I'm glad that we didn't rush into a game without anything ready and with both of us fumbling with the rules. I normally would never take such an approach but my brother tends to be more daring than me in these situations. Also I do try to avoid using unpainted miniatures in even friendly matches with family so I can for now hold off from fielding my Imperial Guard army. I really need to get the gameboard painted so that I can then paint the scenery to match, afterwhich I will feel much more comfortable moving forward with the new armies. I've got my priorities set and am watching the local weather conditions for any opportunities for low-humidity undercoating. Hmmm... considering this is coastal South Carolina marshland and it's Summer, this waiting could become problematic.

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