Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Rather Different Necron

Despite all the buzz concerning Beasts of War's stash of leaked Necron pictures, a little piece of the puzzle seems to have been missed in the ensuing excitement. So dig this. It would appear there is one more special Necron HQ coming our way to lead the metal-heads in war.

I've got to say that it strikes me as a peculiar choice in design considering the style of the new miniatures due to be released soon, but of course that's just my opinion. Judge for yourself if you think it lives up to the standard we've seen with the leaked Necron photos.

Behold, the secret Necron Lord!!

Bleep Bloop Bleep, I'm a Necron!

Ay ay ay... sorry about that. :) I've had that picture for more than a year and could no longer resist. It's from a training mission I set up for my then 7 year old nephew who had become interested in "Whammer Hammer" as he refers to 40k. After pushing around his five Necrons against my five Chaos Marines for a few turns, the lad decided we needed to spice up the game with a couple of heavy hitters. Fortunately his supply of toy robots and monsters provided exactly what we were looking for, including the heartless mechanical overlord seen in the above photograph.

And yes, I lost that game too! After setting up the terrain on my nephew's Thomas-the-Train table, we placed three objectives evenly distributed along the centerline of our gameboard. I held the middle and right-hand objectives for most of the game until being driven away from the center of the table by a brutal assault on the final turn. Oh the humanity, I lost 2-1!

Hmmm... next time I go up against my nephew, I'll be sure to slow-play him!


  1. Haha that is a sweet necron lord indeed!

  2. Wow, they really nerfed the C'tan...

  3. They practically deleted the C'tan. The Necrons used to be their bitches, now the shoe's on the other foot.

  4. Finally ... I see the next C'Tan is revealed here ... the diabolical jax headed Machine God of Mars! We knew it all along!!

    Funny post ... though you jest ... it is an appropriate joke. I am sad about the look of the new Necron releases. The new stuff looks far too cartoony for my tastes.

  5. Danger!! Danger!! Dice roller Danger!!!

  6. @ CounterFett - Quite so! I wish I had made better use of all my old toys when I still had them. So much wargaming potential wasted! Thanks, CounterFett!

    @ The Antipope - And his stat-line will make you cry! Thanks, Antipope!

    @ Da Masta Cheef - Nerf C'tan... brought to you by the good robots at Hasbro. :) Thanks, Masta Cheef!

    @ GoldenKaos - Haha! Yeah, I kinda lost respect for the C'tan when a few of my Flesh Hounds were able to kill The Nightbringer over the course of two assault phases. Ancient star-god my ass! I'm curious to find out what the new version of those models will be as they never lived up to my expectations based on the fluff. Guess that's true for most things in 40k though. Thanks, GoldenKaos!

    @ The Lord of Excess - LOL! "Umm, sorry machine-cult. Looks like you've been wasting your time... go back to worshiping your cogs and unguents." I'm not so thrilled either with the new miniatures that I've seen. I hope there's more to 'em but I have a feeling we've already seen most of what is to come. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a decent Codex at least. Thanks, Lord of Excess!

    @ Derina - Hahahaha! Who says the universe has to be GrimDark all the time? Thank you once again for the laughs, Derina!