Monday, October 31, 2011

Spawn of Halloween

Once again in celebration of Halloween I'm passing the night away painting something scary. Of course few 40k players will find anything at all frightening about a Chaos Spawn. But with rumors now circulating about both Chaos Legions and Chaos Renegades in the works for Sixth Edition, maybe there is cause to hope that Chaos Spawn won't forever be a waste of points. They're a fun unit to paint and very thematic as well, it would be a shame not to make them a viable choice in at least one Chaos book. Is that too much to ask?

Spawn that don't suck, now that's scary. :)

I built this ugly fellow a couple of years ago for the planned revamping of my Chaos Space Marines army. I don't foresee putting much effort into that project until I have a better sense of what the army will be like in the next edition of the game. I'm excited about the early chatter but it still seems too far out to take anything seriously. In the meantime I'm content to wait and only occasionally paint a Chaos Spawn in supplication to the Dark Gods.

May they give us a Codex worthy of them. Ia! Ia!

A heretic can dream, right? Oh well, back to painting... Happy Halloween, everone!


  1. I have high hopes for the Chaos Legions book leading off 6th. I feel we will end up with a decent codex. Nothing like the good ole days of 4th where you could take legion specific armies like Word Bearers and have 9 troop choices and demons and Iron Warriors had 4 heavy choices!

  2. Hah! Add in all the crazy wargear options along with the companion Lost and the Damned rules and that was indeed a fine time to play chaos. There were so many ways to build an army that it's no wonder Chaos armies feel a bit bland in comparison. I still like my Chaos Marines but at this point I'm ready for a new Codex... kinda feel like any change will be an improvement. Splitting the forces of Chaos into separate books for Chaos Daemons, Chaos Legions, and Chaos Renegades would make sense to me. Hopefully there will be more good news for us in the future. Thanks, styx!

  3. It is a shame such a good looking model is terrible on the table, same with Possessed. Nice paint job on it too.

    I started my Chaos army a few months ago but have not invested in it beyond what I need. I don't want to get too deep into building the force and have it all change with the new codex and nullify what I've done. I'm anxious to see what they do and terrified at the same time.

  4. Very scary. Great stuff. Happy Oogie Boogie Day to you. Even if it's a day late. Heck, I'm celebrating for the rest of the week - then up with the Christmas lights.

  5. @ Thor - Agreed. I believe the idea of assigning units random rules or random movement because the army is "Chaos" has not served this army well. Same goes for our crazy-ass Dreadnoughts too, although in truth I have probably benefited more from fire frenzy in the long run. Hopefully some of this will get fixed with the new book(s). Good luck to you with your own Chaotic ways, I'm glad you like the model. Thanks, Thor!

    @ The Spooooooooooky Whisk - Thanks, Whisk! It's been a frighteningly good time for me as well so I understand wanting to prolong a few days more the Oogie Boogie fun. :) I've been excited about Christmas since September and I'm definitely ready to begin enjoying Christmas movies and Christmas cookies. Woo-hoo! Best wishes to you and good luck hanging those lights. Thank you again, Spooky Whisk!

  6. Thanks, I appreciate it. Best wishes, Fnurgn!