Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 4 Giveaway Finale

Hello again, friends! Well we've come to the end of the "Thanks Plus Giving Plus You" contest with just one more 2.5 oz jar of "The Masters" Brush Cleaner and Preserver left to give out. Before doing so however I would like to say thanks one more time to all of you who have visited diceRolla and found something here worth your while. After spending a lot of time reading other folks' blogs I feel that my own can be, putting it nicely, something of an oddball at times. Therefore I am very grateful to have reached as many people as I have and to have sustained so many regular readers over the past two and a half years. This has always been a personally motivated thing that I enjoy doing, but it certainly has made it much more fun getting to interact with such well informed, interesting, and lively people.

Okay, now that I'm done with the blubbering part let's get on to the exciting conclusion and announce the final winner. So who will be joining GopherDave, The Grim Darkness, and nickthewise in the winners' circle? Why it is none other than...


Congratulations! I encourage everyone so inclined to find out more about Spacejacker's hobby interests by visiting his blogs, Tiny Solitary Soldiers and Nano Solo, as they are chock-full of miniature goodness. I've been a long time fan of painting and gaming with 15mm scale and smaller miniatures, although my experience with them has been mostly in the realm of historical wargaming. Spacejacker however has some of the most incredible small scale sci-fi minis and scenery that I have ever seen. When I first started reading Tiny Solitary Soldiers, I found it so inspiring that I was barely able to restrain myself from buying up as many little spacemen and monsters as I could afford. In fact I still find that quite tempting but have held off from doing so mainly because there are already enough projects clamoring for my attention. Nonetheless I'm sure at some point I'll pick up at least a few 15mm sci-fi minis and... um... just see where it goes from there. ;) When you get a chance, Spacejacker, please email me and let me know where I should mail your jar of Brush Cleaner and Preserver.

Alright, that's about it for this contest so let's wrap it up. Although I was able to give out four prizes this time around, unfortunately that leaves 230 of you going home empty handed so to speak. I'm sorry I couldn't come up with a way to do something nice for each of you. Instead I'll just have to say how grateful I am for all of you who have helped make diceRolla so much more than I ever imagined it would become. THANK YOU!

And until next time, happy painting and gaming!


  1. Congrats o everyone who did win something... and Papa JJ don't worry about giving out free stuff to us. I'll keep coming back to read your blog as long as you keep putting stuff up. Happy hobbying!!!

  2. Right on, Frontline Gamer! Thank you. :) This is something I really enjoy doing however and it means a lot to me to be able to share even a little with the people who come here. I know it's not much but I appreciate having the opportunity to occasionally brighten someone else's day with a little unexpected gift. It's fun for me and hopefully is fun for all of you as well. I am truly grateful though that you enjoy the blog and will continue reading. Thanks, Frontline!

  3. Oh, and I want to apologize to you for missing the notification from your other comment a few days ago. Reading about your experiences gave me a lot of hope that I might also be able to find some other people interested in perhaps straying somewhat from the GW leviathan. :) Thank you, Frontline Gamer!

  4. Wow, thank you so much Papa JJ... I usually enjoy prize giveaways from the other end of the process, so it's especially nice to have something so nice happen out of the blue. (I'm one of those "I never win anything" guys) Plus my brushes are a mess, I'm eager to try out the cleaner :)

    Your blog is a great read and a regular part of my solo gaming surrogate game buddy group.

    All the best and keep rollin'!

  5. That's fantastic, Spacejacker! I'm really happy to know you'll be able to make good use of the brush cleaner. Thank you very much for being so supportive of my blog, I appreciate it!

    Also I saw your email just a moment ago and will get back to you hopefully later this evening. After being away for the holiday my wife and I are loading up our car right now and we're rushing around to make sure we haven't forgotten anything. Thanks again, Spacejacker, and congratulations!!

  6. Holy cupcakes, Batman. Two and a half years. I recently closed a year, back in October. Been great fun. Hope to see many more posts from you.

    Happy Gaming.

  7. Thanks, Happy Whisk! And congratulations on your one year blogging anniversary, that's great! Best wishes to you with your new blanket business as well. They look very cozy especially this time of year. I hope you and Tim have a great week coming up. Thanks again, Happy Whisk!