Thursday, September 10, 2009

Welcome Back NFL!

It's so great to be watching football again. I've enjoyed the last few weeks of preseason games and the return of college football, but I'm a fan especially of the NFL so tonight is particularly exciting for me. Football, woot woot!! I mainly cheer for Tampa and Buffalo but really I'm a fan of the league itself.

Even though I haven't done any writing for a while I have kept myself busy assembling more 40k ruins and buildings. I now have finished seven structures, one of which being approximately twice the size of the others whilst another still needing a couple of extra little pieces to be truly complete. I've learned that putting together intact buildings a considerably more challenging to do than the equivalent amount of ruins, and thus also requiring more time. I've spent a lot of time filing and shaving floor sections so as to make them fit properly, something which I have not had to do much with ruined buildings. Considering what's also been going on around the house this past week I am quite satisfied with what I've accomplished.

The game I had scheduled to play last weekend never occured, again due to unforeseen circumstances and the surprise visit of my brother-in-law. I don't know when we'll be able to get in a game but I'm going to keep preparing just in case such an opportunity comes along. Meanwhile I have finished reading through the 5th edition rules and feel like a have a good enough grasp of them to begin playing, although I would still prefer to wet my feet with some smaller point-level games. My general impresssion is that I like the new rules as I can see where they should help streamline the actual play of the game. If the new edition makes for a better experience and more enjoyable games, then I tip my cap to the designers and writers. Thank you!

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