Friday, December 11, 2009

Fifteen Weeks To Go

Okay, we are now 105 days away from AdeptiCon. That's just fifteen weeks left to get my army painted and ready to go. Considering that the minimum amount of miniatures I want to take only totals 1000 points, that probably sounds like plenty of time and I'm sure many painters out there could get three or four times that amount ready in the time I have. But I've always been a slow painter even before having a family of my own so I actually feel like I'll need to really focus on this project if I hope to get it done in time. I'm still working on the Librarian and slowly making my way through the first highlight stage of painting his power armour. I'm trying out a different technique for this compared to when I've painted marines in the past. I'm am trying to follow the conventional method of highlighting only the hard edges of the plates rather than going for a more realistic but subtle approach. In the past my marines would look good when viewed from a very close distance, but on the tabletop it always would end up looking like just painted the armour in a flat color. Since I paint for gaming (in theory, at least), this is something I want to avoid, and thus the new technique.

I've only been able to paint though for about an hour since my in-laws arrival and therefore am not worried about this recent slowdown over the last few days... I'll get back to it soon, and with gusto! I'm going to try to organize my painting time so that I'm working as efficiently as I can. You can see below the army list that I have in mind. I haven't planned the order in which I am going to tackle the various units as I want to concentrate on painting rather than get caught up in assembly as is my usual method. So here it is:

Space Marine Librarian (100) Smite, Might of Ages

Dreadnought (125) Assault cannon, heavy flamer

Tactical Squad (185) 5 additional Space Marines, Plasma gun and plasma cannon

Tactical Squad (170) 5 additional Space Marines, Flamer and missile launcher

Scout Squad (100) Sniper rifles, missile launcher, camo cloaks

Space Marine Bike Squad (155) Power weapon, Attack Bike with Multi-melta

Predator (165) Twin-linked lascannons, lascannon sponsons

Points Total: 1000
Kill Points: 7

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