Sunday, December 13, 2009

Legion Revisited

Since I've been focused so much on the Dark Angles, it's been bothering me that I hadn't been able to work out a 1000 point list using my Black Legion guys. It would be nice to have a good old fashion Loyalists v. Traitors bash up, and thankfully I finally came up with a list that I like. What's even better is that it makes use of almost entirely the models that I have already assembled. I will still need to put together a few more squads and vehicles but it shouldn't be too hard to find some nights to glue the rest. I don't have my codex handy right now so I'll have to check the point totals later, but with that being said I'm pretty sure I got them right. So here goes:

Chaos Sorcerer (140) Lash of Submission, Mark of Slaanesh, Terminator Armour

5 Chaos Terminators (210) Powerfist, Chainfist, 2 Combi-weapons, Reaper Autocannon

10 Chaos Marines (285) Icon of Khorne, Meltagun, Flamer, Aspiring Champion with Powerfist and plasma pistol, Chaos Rhino

5 Chaos Marines (125) Plasma gun, Chaos Rhino

3 Chaos Spawn (120)

5 Chaos Havocs (120) 3 Heavy Boters

Points Total: 1000
Kill Points: 8

Another option I would consider is splitting the squad of 10 Chaos Marines into two squads so as to increase the number of scoring units. I could see this being useful in games with objectives, although it would also provide an extra kill point available for the taking. This would however also water down the effects of the squad's Icon.... If nothing else it's an easy way to tinker with things as it doesn't effect point totals or what models are needed, so why not try it out, right?

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