Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hey, Win Some Stuff

Sorry I haven't posted anything here in quite a long time. For the last several weeks I've not been able to get any time for hobby stuff other than reading the occasional game book, most notably the Malifaux rulebook and the Bretonnian army book. (Malifaux was interesting and looks like fun, and while the Bretonnia book is certainly nice, I think it's showing its age a bit.) Not being able to paint has been frustrating but I'm hopeful that I'll soon be back at. All the home remodeling projects are finally complete and my Father's Day gift from my wife was a yet-to-be-picked-out hobby desk. For more than two years now I've kept all my gaming and painting junk portable and packed up when not in use due to life being something of a whirlwind. Therefore the prospect of having somewhere I can safely leave my projects overnight is very exciting for me. Even if my painting does not improve, I'm pretty sure my productivity will as I've managed to set a rather low baseline for myself these past few months.

Okay, enough of the non-update update. Now for the winning of things. I'm very grateful for those of you who have signed up as Followers of this blog and I appreciate your contributions to it. You've made this a much more enjoyable experience for me. So as a way of saying thanks I thought it would be cool to pass on to one of you an army project I know I'll never have time to work on myself. To celebrate the release of the new edition of Warhammer a little more than one week from now, I'd like to give away the selection of Warriors of Chaos boxed sets and blister packs pictured above. On Saturday, July 10th, I'll randomly select one of the Followers who have commented on this post (all you need to do is let me know you're interested in having a shot at the prize) and then I'll announce the winner that day at 8pm EST. Simple, right?

Here's a list of what the winner will receive:

WoC Battalion
Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount
Sorcerer of Chaos
Nurgle Chaos Sorcerer
Warriors of Chaos (boxed set with 12 guys)
Chaos Marauder Horsemen
Chaos Warriors (the one with 3 guys)
Chaos Knights
3 Chaos Trolls (one of each pose)

A long time ago I was gung-ho about cranking out this army and getting it on the table, but life intervened and this project kept getting shoved further and further down the priority list. Eventually the enthusiasm was gone and last summer I realized that I was no longer even interested in hanging on to them, but I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do with the evil little bastards. With the new version of Warhammer only days away this seems like as good a time as any to find a new warlord to lead them, so hopefully at least one of you will want to give these savages a happy home and take them off my hands.

Thanks again for taking an interest in my quiet little niche of the interwebs. I'm confident that things will get (mildly?) more interesting around here soon.


  1. I'm shooting myself in the foot by posting first (nobody ever rolls a "1") but count me in!

    I gotta say, *wow*, that is one impressive loot list you've got going there. Tell you what, I'll do them proud...hypothetically speaking of course!

  2. Wow indeed. That's a huge selection. My old Chaos army was mixed mortals/beasts/daemons and got pretty puny after the split. I've gotten back into the new kits like the Marauder Horsemen for the Chaos Guard I'm working on, and have been getting tempted to rebuild the fantasy army for 8th. That mass o'swag would certainly help make that a reality!

  3. That is quite the deal dude. I don't play chaos, but still. It's free stuff.

  4. My god, that is the singularly most generous giveaway that I've ever seen! wow.

  5. I'll have to agree that you are indeed really generous. I am kinda sad though that you couldn't finish this project, reminds me of the projects that I tend to start from time to time and end up just boxes in a closet. Hope that things get better in the future and get more time to spend to this great hobby! Count me in this contest ;) !

  6. I am currently doing up my Empire I bought since 6th Edition. And next on the plate is my uncompleted Slanneshi WOC army.

    This will boost it up. Alot.

    Fingers crossed to win this! Yay!

  7. Add me to the list sir. Not because I want the Chaos stuff... but because I want to then give it away on my blog!!!

    I'm just kidding (on both parts)- good luck to all the entrants and I hope that these models go to great use.

  8. Thanks to everyone for entering the contest, I'm really happy with the response. We're now past the deadline for entry so discounting DrGabe, which I've been doing for years now anyways (joking, joking!), that leaves just eight of you in the drawing. I'd say that's pretty good odds, plus if I have time before tonight I hope to rustle up some consolation prizes as well. I'll post the results tonight... like I said earlier, it should be at 8 but stick with me if it comes in a little late. Thanks again, I appreciate it!