Monday, October 12, 2009

My, My, My... Hematoma!

Good morning and happy Columbus Day to you! I saw my GP last Thursday who diagnosed my chief complaint as being a hematoma, and believe me brother it is huge on the hematoma scale. It looked like surgery was going to be called for but my surgeon thought it would be okay to wait and see if my body would eventually start to break it down. So I'm scheduled for another surgical consultation on Friday even though I'm right now supposed to be leaving town that day. Oh well, that can be worked out I'm sure. My butt is still really swollen and sore, at times getting quite painful, but fortunately I think the pain-killers that the surgeon prescribed for me seem to be helping a bit.

Meanwhile I have been assembling more of my Black Legion forces, having finally finished putting together my first Chaos Space Marine squad on Saturday. I spent the rest of the weekend working on my Chaos Spawn for a change of pace despite not planning on including them in any low point-total army lists. It was just that I didn't want to put together any vehicles yet and the Spawn kit looked like a lot of fun with which to play around. I did have a blast with the four Spawn that I could build out of my two Chaos Spawn boxes, although it was a bit tricky trying to make them look balanced as there are so many places to add random bits to your hideous mutants. In fact I realized too late that it is possible to get carried away and add too much to your Spawn. Of the four I assembled, I am really only happy and content with three of them as the fourth is just too busy for my tastes... too many arms, too many tentacles, too many spines.

Nonetheless I am very pleased with the other three which is just enough to satisfy my warband's needs. I had such a good time with these Spawn I now expect to eventually add at least another bunch of three, although for the time being I am satisfied with waiting as I certainly have enough other models that need my attention. I next plan on addressing my other Chaos Space Marine squad so that I have a game-legal force, followed by either the Havoc squad or the Chaos Vindicator to support them with some serious firepower. Even though the Chaos Rhino transports are really key to how I plan on using my Chaos Marine squads, I do not plan on assembling them until I know I am ready to paint them as I intend on painting their interiors as well. I've never bothered with the inside of Rhino's before so I see that as being a big step for me, and I'm still a little intimidated by it which is probably another reason why I'm delaying. So I've got a plan and I'm even making some progress. Woo-Hoo!

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