Monday, October 5, 2009

The Pain Continues

The swelling from my fall has not gone down at all and has instead slowly increased, as has my discomfort. I haven't noticed any lessening of the pain either and think that it may be strengthening as well. So upon the advice of my wife and my chiropractor, I have reluctantly agreed to go see an MD about it. I am embarrassed and just don't want to accept the idea that I am that injured, although my current condition seems to be less a result of the injury itself but instead some defect in the healing process. Well, I have no idea really. When I fell, I hit really hard. Early on I said I did not think that I had broken anything, but I have never broken any bones before and so I have no point of reference. Therefore I cannot say for sure whether or not my tailbone feels broken. How am I to know? I may have gone to medical school but that isn't something they could have taught us. I don't want to have to see a doctor about this, but this has gone on long enough and caused enough discomfort that I am finally willing to do what I probably should have done a week ago.

I have not gotten a lot done on the hobby front, although that has as much to do with my injury as it does with my latest addiction, FarmVille. In three days I've harvested close to 700 crops and have rocketed up to Tenth level, and I'll be an Eleventh level farmer in the morning when I harvest my pumpkin patch. (And now my swollen and bruised ass isn't my most embarrassing admission in this post, distraction complete). I don't know how much the treatment for my injury will affect my daily routine so I cannot make any predictions as to what I will be able to get done with my Black Legion army. I am slowly assembling the second half of my first Chaos Space Marines squad and have them about half put together. So long as I don't have to go to the hospital I hope to have theses guys glued in a day or so, then I'll be ready to paint... 'bout time too, I'm eager to finally get back on the painting horse.

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