Friday, April 16, 2010

Clearing the Space

In order to attend AdeptiCon I spent around forty hours behind the wheel and drove more than 2,000 miles. Obviously this gave me a lot of time to think. Since I moved from my old house on James Island two years and two days ago, space has been a dear and precious thing as my family has grown in size. On my way to the con I decided it was time I began thinning my collection of miniatures to better suit my new life as a family man. My first step in this process would be to come home with less stuff than what I took with me.

While there I ended up deciding to give DrGabe my fully painted and converted Death Guard army to take home with him and I happily departed Lombard with an empty transport bag. The army was collected based on the previous edition of their Codex and I never got around to updating it to better accommodate the current set of rules. I picked it up cheap off of eBay (back when I trusted eBay, more on that in a moment) and therefore had no special attachment to it other than as an admirer of its original modeler. Also I know it's gone to a good home and will be enjoyed, so good all around. Yesterday I shipped out the last of my unassembled Plague Marines that I had bought to use with this army, thus ending my fealty to Nurgle.

Longtime readers of this weblog may remember that dealing with storage space has been an issue for me for almost as long as I've been writing this journal. I still have essentially all the same stuff that I said six months ago I was ready to sell off, I've just been too hesitant to pull the trigger because I don't trust eBay. I've had problems there with both transactions and security so that I avoid it now as much as possible. The last straw for me was when someone hacked my account and almost succeeded in purchasing a $24,ooo motorcycle in Germany. At this point I would rather give the stuff away than mess around with the hassles of selling them online, not to mention any more criminal fraud. So this was one of the things I thought about driving home, resolved to finally shrink my collection to only those projects I am seriously planning to work on in the near(ish) future. I've carried these things around long enough and I will be happier being free of them, knowing that they are with people who will make better use of them than I ever would.

In the coming days I am going to review my collection of boxes and figure out exactly what parts of it I want to give away. I already know, however, that this will be quite a lot, including at least a pair of unassembled armies. I'm also not sure how I want to go about this, whether I should do something interesting like contests or just post a list and let people claim things as they like. I'd appreciate suggestions from anybody who reads this regarding this matter. Thanks!

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