Saturday, July 24, 2010

A New Hope... for Painting

I have a painting desk! Woo-hoo!! It is three feet wide, twenty one inches deep, and stands forty seven inches tall. In the above picture Homer can be seen next to the desk to better provide a sense of scale, but mainly just to scowl and look on disapprovingly. I do not know from what sort of wood the desk is constructed, though I am curious to find out. Ideally I would have preferred a little extra space but this one more than satisfies my hobby needs, in particular that of the roll-top feature which should allow me to quickly shut things away from my daughter's darting, ninja like hands when required. I'm hopeful to be painting again very soon. I'm currently just waiting for my wife to choose where I should conduct my geekery from amongst a few now viable spots around the house, at which point I'll get things unpacked and setup.

While I'm quite pleased with the desk's pragmatic value, what makes it special for me is its history. It turns out my mom purchased this desk in 1968 aftering saving up for it her first summer after graduating from college, but then stored it away in my grandmother's attic sometime in the early 70s. Upon learning that I was looking for just such a piece to use as a painting table, my parents retrieved it during a visit to my grandmother last week and delivered it yesterday. There was some minor repair work needed but that's all taken care of and I'm ready to go.

I haven't decided what I want to begin painting first so I'll be thinking about that over the next couple of days. In the meantime I'm going to keep assembling terrain, of which I will take pictures tomorrow for a full update on how that's been going... assuming life cooperates, of course.

Okay, that's it for now. Later, friends!


  1. Damn! It's pretty cool!
    I wish I could have something like that. Anyways, I need to have "somewhere" to put a table first xD

    Congratulations for your table Papa JJ. I've seen that roll-top tables before and never thought how useful they can be ;)

  2. Thanks, Nesbet... it feels good knowing I now have a place where I can leave my painting stuff. Good luck working out your own space concerns! Regarding the roll-top, another side benefit is that I'll be able to easily hide away my hobby mess on special occasion such as visits from the in-laws. Keeping the wife happy is a big plus!

  3. Nice desk.
    I am afraid if a desk like that found its way into my home it would be commandeered by my wife.
    I do like the idea of something that can be locked up, I have 8 pairs of little hands that like paint...might have to snag this idea!

  4. Many compartments and 2 tier desk very nice. If I have it , it will probably get stain by paints and chipped by tools hehe clumsy miniature modeler + painter here.

  5. That is a nice table dude. I am jealous. I will soon be looking for a painting table myself. =D

  6. Cool desk. I've got a similar arrangement but a bit smaller with a Bureau type desk that my Nan had. When she passed a way a few years ago I got the desk. Its a bit smaller than your desk and has a close up, rather than roll down, from but its means I can paint and leave my stuff ready fro the next session.

  7. Thanks guys, I appreciate it. My mom was very flattered when I told her that her old desk is now internationally famous... haha! It's funny to think how unlikely that would have seemed forty+ years ago when she bought it.

    @ Magilla - Wow!! That's a lot of hands to guard against, how do ever get anything done? I'm impressed with your parent-fu.

    @ BigLee - Thank you for pointing me to the picture of your own desk, it's inspirational to see such efficient organization. It really does look like something from the Spy Museum! I enjoyed checking out your blog, too. Thanks!

  8. LIFE????? COOPERATE????? FOR A 40K PLAYER??????????????????????????????????????

    yeah right lol. i hope it does though man i'd love to have a desk and not some flimsy plastic table.

  9. That is a nice desk. I would never have thought of using a roll down top style desk. Then again, I don't have kids to consider, just a cat and fortunately he cares nothing for my models when left out.