Saturday, July 10, 2010

We Have a Winner(s)

I want to start by saying that I am sorry for being so late in announcing the results of my "Hey, Win Some Stuff" contest. I did a poor job planning out the day and have been racing around trying to get things done. The good news though is that I'm going to skip whatever blather I might otherwise have penned about the release of Warhammer 8th edition and instead get right to the interesting stuff. Be sure to stick around after the main announcement, though, as I've got a few other surprises for everyone.

So congratulations to the winner of the new Warriors of Chaos army, Sons of Taurus! Clearly he has already traveled far down the path of damnation and proudly bears the mark of Chaos. I therefore suspect it was Tzeentch's scheming that caused his number to come up when I cast that fateful d8 this morning. I'm quite happy to see them go to such a welcoming home. Contact me at [removed] and I'll get everything packed up and shipped to you right away.

Again, I really appreciate people getting involved and helping me out with this blog, and particularly for making this contest a lot of fun for me. I hate the idea of any of you going away entirely disappointed and so I have some consolation prizes for the rest of you who entered. I've lamented before my current lack of space for my hobby, particularly since becoming a family man and selling off my old businesses, and I really like the idea of handing off some neglected projects for which I no longer have room to keep around. I therefore spent a chunk of time today digging around old boxes and picked out some items for each of you based on the type of projects I've seen you discuss on your own blogs. This of course involved a lot of guessing as to what might be appropriate so let me know if I messed up on anything as I'd be happy to take another swing at it. Here then is the run down:

Gyro - You strike me as a fan of miniatures in general and in all their many varieties. I feel like if anyone can come up with a good use for an assortment of Lord of the Rings miniatures, it would be you. Included in your selection are nine Mordor Orcs with swords and shields, six Mordor Orcs with bows, two with polearms, two with two-handed weapons, one Orc with a standard, one champion-looking guy, and a shaman. The last dude is already glued to a base, the rest are all loose but otherwise untouched. I also want to send you a Mordor Troll still in the original packaging to add some muscle to those Orcs, and lastly an unopened blister of Sam & Frodo in Orc Armour. I think they're pretty funny and would be a fitting part of this bunch.

Kuffeh - Are you still actively working on your Dwarves? If so I've got a few boxes of basic dudes that I'd like to send to you. It's one each of the Dwarf Warriors, Dwarf Thunderers/Quarrellers, and Dwarf Cannon/Organ Gun box sets. A few weeks ago I opened them for the first time in search of drinking mugs that I could use for my Stonecutters. Otherwise they are untouched as I didn't see anything helpful for that project. I've also got a new Gyrocopter that I'd like to include if you're interested.

Murl - You're an Imperial Guard player, and if there's one thing that makes Imperial Guard players happy, it's tanks. If I'm not mistaken, I spotted recently a Graia Pattern Hellhound on your blog. If you're interested in having another, I've got a complete and unassembled Forge World Graia kit that I'd be happy to send your way. Also if you're still looking for pieces from the old Leman Rus kit, I've got one of those as well if you want it. Lastly I'm including for you a pair of FW Cadian Veterans with Shotguns upgrade packs. I hope these will help add to your awesome army. [EDIT: Oops, I forgot to mention there's also a Cadian Heavy Weapon Team box for you as well.]

b.smoove - I had a hard time finding anything appropriate for internet celebrity b.smoove. Your stuff is all so fantastically converted and creatively kit-bashed that I'm really not sure what would be of use for you. I do know however that you're a fan of historical miniatures and have recently mentioned wanting to spend some time on those of ancient Rome. (Welcome back from your trip, by the way. I apologize for not having said so sooner.) I don't know if you focus on any particular period of Roman history but I've got two sets of plastic Romans from the Wargames Factory picked out for you. One is the Caesar's Legions box set containing 48 legionaries from the late Republic including enough pieces for three sets of command groups. The other is labeled as 12 Early Imperial Roman Auxiliary Cavalry, but with the possible exception of the command guys they could probably fit into most Republic and Imperial periods as well.

Mihalis "Cadaver" Skalkos - It's looks like all of your commission work keeps you fairly busy so again I wasn't sure what would be a good selection for you. I think I remember you were considering working on Skaven again, and though I don't have a whole lot of those, I would like to send some to you if you wish. I have 3/5 of a box of Skaven Plague Monks still on the sprue for you (I'm sorry, I don't know what happened to the other eight fellas), three unopened blisters of Plague Censer Bearers, and one blister pack of a Clan Pestilens Plague Lord. Since you're an Ork player I can't resist the opportunity to also send you a box of Ork Nobz and a Painboy blister to go with them.

Beef Nuggets - To help fill some of those gaps you mentioned in the Nuln army you're now working on, how about two new warmachines? One is a new Empire Artillery box (the cannon/mortar one), the other is the Empire Volley Gun/Rocket Battery box. Also I've got a box of Empire Wizards, Empire State Troops, and a blister pack Master Engineer Repeater Pistol. I hope these will help you out.

Matty - I think I've scraped the bottom of the Wood Elf barrel with those Dryad bits I mentioned to you, though I do have 12 assembled but unpainted Dryads that you are welcome to have if you like. I don't know how excited you still are about Necrons, but I've finally decommissioned the Necron army that I've been working on for my brother off and on for most of the last decade and thought you might want some of the remaining elements of that project. I have for you one box of Necron Warriors (unless you've already got 120 of them, there's always room for more...) and one Heavy Destroyer. Also I picked out for you two Necron Immortal blisters, one Flayed Ones blister, and two loose Flayed Ones. Let me know though if you're not all that Necron-crazy anymore and I'll go have another look around for you. Oh, I almost forgot... I've also got for you one each of the Citadel Hero and Urban Basing Kits.

DrGabe - For having the temerity to try to crash my party and turn my Followers against me (what is this, 7th grade all over?), my gift to you is a bitterly contested, lifetime rivalry to be fought out in small scale on tabletops the world over. Of course considering we only see each other once every decade or so, this really is kind of a hollow gesture. Oh well. I hope life is treating you well, buddy!

Damn, that took a while... whew. Please everyone, I really am sincere about wanting to give these miniatures and whatnot away to you. Not only am I thankful for your patronage and support, but you'd also be helping me out as well. So hit me up at [removed] and tell me where I can send all this stuff.


PS - This is my 151st post on diceRolla... woo-hoo!
PPS - Just to be clear, the middle initial [removed] is the letter q as in Quincy. And don't worry, I'll remove all that once I've heard from everyone.


  1. Well done to Sons of Taurus. That is quite the loot you have won there. Impressive stuff.

    Papa JJ - Really? Free dwarf stuff? That I would not say no too. =D I am actively painting my dwarfs, or repainting them and more stuff is useful. That is quite the give away though dude.

  2. Gratz Sons of Taurus! A perfect gift for what seems to be the best Warhammer ed. released so far... make good use of them!

    Papa JJ many thanks for the extra gifts, I mean the loot was impressive already but yet again you managed to pull out another rabbit from this massive hat of yours :P I am most definately working on my Skaven for Warhammer Fantasy especially now with the new edition out and of course orks are my first and foremost love in my wargaming career so yes please, I cannot have enough of them... XD

    I will contact you via email for the shipping address. Many thanks once again!!

  3. Wow...thanks much! As it was, the complete army offer was already incredibly generous, but with all the add-ons you have moved firmly into the ridiculously generous category. Very thoughtful choices too. I just want to make sure this isn't some kind of a cry for help.

    Tzeentch indeed may have had a hand in this. I had been mulling re-making a Warriors of Chaos army with my old remnants and whatever is left over after finishing my LatD army. Being selected by fate for a huge Chaos army, on the release date for 8th ed no less, has to be a sign. I guess now I'll need an 8th ed book...thought I may wait for the starter set. The horde cometh!

    As for Stonecutter drinking mugs, I had a thought...meltabombs! Cut the handle off of the top and attach it to the side and it starts to look very mug-ish. Maybe sand the bottom flat. Bonus that you can also use them as meltabombs.

    Email away!

  4. You are a scholar and a Gentleman, for certain. To echo Sons of Taurus, the thoughtfulness behind your selection is tremendously kind.
    Thank you, sir.

    Ave, Citizen! I'll be posting about those Romans in the very near future.

  5. I can't really say what hasn't been said already. Congrats go out not just to Sons of Taurus, for the awesome grand prize, but to the rest of us for some of the best runner-up prizes ever.

    Looks like I'll be taking those Mordor Orcs and making an entire *army* for Song of Blades and Heroes. And here I was thinking I didn't have any projects line up for this coming fall/winter!

    Thanks again, and congrats to all the winners!

  6. This has to be the best thing that has happened to my hobby life in a long long while!

    Your generosity and effort in getting miniatures to everyone involved is an extremely thoughtful gesture!

    Those miniatures will definitely fill in the gaps in my current empire build.

    And I shall paint up the miniatures as priority as soon as it get over to my sunny shores! You can expect updates on my Empire army with your minis in it!

    Cheers to you Papa JJ.

  7. Thanks so much, everyone! It feels absolutely wonderful to know that I've been able to brighten your day a little and to help add some extra excitement to your hobby experience. I'm so happy to be passing along these items to you and I'm sure you'll make better use of them than I would have... it was frustrating for me to just have all them sitting around in their boxes for so long. I appreciate each of you being willing to take them off my hands.

    @Kuffeh - Sweet, I'm glad you're still keeping up with the dwarves and that the stuff I picked out for you will be welcomed into your collection.

    @Mihalis - Very good! Thanks for accepting the Skaven and Ork items, it makes me happy to think of the mayhem they'll cause once under your command.

    @Sons of Taurus - Congratulations on the big score, I have a feeling kingdoms will soon be toppling before your might. Have fun running amuck in the soft, civilized lands to the south of your wastelands! That's also very kind of you to be concerned about my well being, no need to worry though. I'm indeed a very happy and fortunate man. Also I really do appreciate all of the excellent ideas and suggestions you've been dreaming up for my projects. I think our brains must be getting in sync because I recently had the same idea of turning meltabombs into Space Marine-sized beer steins. Considering my limited sculpting skills, I think that will be a lot easier than trying to make them out of greenstuff. Thank you, friend!

    @b.smoove - Thank you, sir. You've been a real inspiration for me these past several months and so it is quite an honor to get to send some Romans your way. I'm very happy to add to your enjoyment of the hobby. I look forward to seeing whatever historical goodness you've got planned for A Gentleman's Ones, no doubt it will be fantastic.

    @Gyro - Awesome, I feel relieved to know that you're happy with my selection of minis for you. I had sense though that it would be hard to strike out considering the diversity of miniatures and games I've seen on your blog. I'm glad I could provide a project for you to work on once you've gone through all the ones you have planned out for the summer.

    @Beef Nuggets - Wow, man, that makes me feel really good inside. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to help out gamers such as yourself. Even though I'm a new Bretonnian player and the thought of facing an army like your force from Nuln terrifies me, I'm very happy to help you instill that type of dread in the generals foolish enough to oppose you. It's going to be so cool for me to see them as they make their way onto your blog... thanks!

  8. Papa JJ. I stumbled across your blog following a post by Gyro over at Miks Minis.

    All I can say is wow.

    I am astounded that in this day and age there are still good people out there like you, with the good will to hand away not only what amounts to a a whole army, but also other parts of your collection to 'strangers' that you have met over the interwebs.

    That you took the effort to get to know each blogger prior to the give way, to tailor what they all got...Wow.

    The world needs more people like you.

    Keep it up brother.

  9. Thanks, Rogue Pom, that's very kind of you. It's been great knowing I was able to add some unexpected fun to the experience and seeing even the runners-up excited and happy has felt quite rewarding. I am glad you like the spirit of it, and at the risk of being overly sappy, I do believe a little goodness goes a long way. Thanks again, I appreciate it!

  10. This doesn't mean you're about to disappear, does it?

  11. ... [tumbleweeds rolling in the wind] ...

    I hope not, though at my standard rate of progress working on hobby projects, it may sometimes seem that way.

  12. How the hell did I missed this contest?
    I read you blog since months ago, and I'm following it for a while now.

    A couple of days without blogging and then you suddenly gone down in my "to read" bloglist. And now it's over.

    I'm pretty unhappy about not having participated. =(
    Anyways, congratulations for the winners, and for you Papa JJ, for your awesome blog and contest ;D

    PS: I'm still daydreaming abouta having won that much chaos warriors miniatures
    =S / drool / :X / @.@ / =(

  13. I'm sorry about this contest going by so fast, I know how frustrating it can be to be gone for even just a few days and then it seems like there is just so much to catch up on. But the good news is that there's some prizes for you as well...

    Sons of Taurus has already contacted me about wanting to send some of his winnings your way! I am really moved by this gesture of kindness. Thanks so much to Sons of Taurus for suggesting this idea as I really did want to find something for you, I just didn't know what you might like to paint besides Chaos guys. He would like me to send to you the box of Chaos Knights, the three Trolls, and the two Sorcerers. So email me your shipping info and I will get them mailed out to you right away.

    Thank you, Nesbet, I really appreciate all of you who take the time to check out my projects here. And thank you again, Sons of Taurus. I'm very grateful that you stepped up in such a magnanimous way!

  14. WooooooWooooWoooooow!!!!

    I'm so AMAZED that the good fella Son of Taurus and you will make me THAT happy! =D
    It's such a big gesture of kindness I can barely believe it!

    I'm writing you right now!

    Thank you Papa JJ.! And thank you too Son of Taurus!!!

  15. Oh my....I'm blown away! Glad you stopped by and left a comment on my blog, work was a bear this weekend and I had completely forgot about this contest!!!