Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gratitude! Mystery! Simpsons! DICE!!!

I'm very happy to report about a really amazing surprise that showed up on my doorstep yesterday. Inside an innocent looking box addressed to yours truly, I found a four-pack of Duff Beer cans. What's this, then? Even more exciting, upon closer inspection I discovered that it was in fact a set of 20 custom Simpsons dice!


The facings are as follows: Homer - 6, Barney - 5, Carl - 4, Lenny - 3, Moe - 2, Duffman - 1 (labeled as W on the die for "Wild"). So it looks like in most cases I'll want to see lots of Homers, except for those Leadership checks when I need the courage only Duff can provide. Perfect, just perfect!

I have a fascination for odd or unusual dice and I've never seen any Simpson dice before. Also I enjoy trying to find a matching set of dice for each new army so this will be the official dice for my Drones of Sector 7G/Blisstonian 9th project. I can also use them for my Stonecutters, and the Emperor's Isotopes as well should I ever get around to making any of them, though I still plan on eventually ordering some chapter-specific dice from Chessex for those armies. But I had no idea what to do for the Blisstonians and was quite distressed over the matter, so this timely arrival nicely resolves that dilemma, and in style too.

Oh yeah, not only is this a super cool set of dice, it seems like Duff Dice, "The Lyin' Dice Game," should be a pretty fun game itself. For two to four players. Groovy.

Looking around the box and shipping papers, however, I see no indication as to who sent this set of Duff Dice to me. It's now been a day since the package showed up and my sleuthing attempts have not turned up anyone I know claiming responsibility, and it would seem I have a true mystery on my hands. Could it be that one of my dear readers was so kind as to surprise me with an awesome Simpsons gift? Well, it's not impossible....

Therefore, in case the anonymous gift-giver should happen to see this post, I want to express my deepest gratitude to you. Thank you so very much. This was such a thoughtful, fun surprise. You really made my day!

Best. Dice. Ever.

Thank you.


  1. May you never roll Duffman for plasma!

  2. Haha, very true... and when I do, "D'oh!" Thanks!

  3. Excellent. You have to play them at a tournament and let us know how your opponent reacts! Haha

  4. Awesome. Glad to hear such a nice story ;D

  5. Thanks everyone, I agree completely! This surprise has been a lot of fun and I'm very grateful for my benefactor's kindness and generosity.