Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Halfway There

After eleven hours of driving we've covered half the distance to my in-laws house and are spending the night in Bekeley, West Virginia. I'm tired and have a case of the road crazies so this is probably not the best time to try to write anything. Just wanted to quickly check-in and report that all the assembly stuff I was doing last week went quite well and I will therefore be able to prime them while in New York. I also packed a lot of painting supplies so I'm my keeping fingers crossed that I'll have something to show for the effort besides just blackened miniatures.

I'd meant to post updates before leaving the island today but a series of fierce storms at the end of the week knocked out our internet access. (And still out at of the time of our departure this morning.) Sorry to disappoint if anyone was interested but I hope to maintain a decent accounting of whatever progress I can make in the coming days. I have almost ready for publishing an introduction of sorts to the IG army I'm now working on and will post it in a day or two... for real this time, I promise.

And in case Rogue Pom sees this little note, I wanted to let you know that I was able to take some more photographs of those buildings you asked about. I thought I'd be able to get them added over the weekend but the storms that hit us kept me from doing anything on the internet. Posting those pictures for you will be my first priority once we've arrived at our destination and have recovered enough to function reasonably well. Thanks for being patient with me, I appreciate it.

Okay, time to pass out. Good night!

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  1. No need to apologise mate - life is like that. Enjoy your trip with the family.