Friday, August 20, 2010

Rogue Shots

Not too long ago I posted a picture showing off the progress I'd made in putting together my ongoing terrain project. Rogue Pom has also been working on some cool scenery pieces lately (you can check out his most recent work here) and asked if he could see some of my buildings from another angle for better reference. He's now planning out some construction work of his own and as I'm happy to help out, not to mention pad my post-count a little, here's a few additional shots of Sector 7G:

If anyone wishes to see more photos, perhaps of specific buildings, just let me know and I will be happy to get them posted. I plan on eventually showing off each piece individually in more detail once I start painting them. Considering my usual pace at completing hobby projects, I'm sure that day will still be quite a while from now.

Tonight my wife and I are going to Canada to celebrate our wedding anniversary, and then tomorrow I should be able to start priming and painting the Imperial Guard that I brought with me on vacation. The weather here is just as I'd hoped it would be and I do not foresee any problems with humidity. Woo-hoo!


  1. Congrats on the anniversary! I've been up to Mapleland a few times and love it, since I've generally gone when it's not winter. Our last trip we went up through the Rockies then down through BC. If you're going to that area and have some open spots on the schedule, email me and maybe I could toss some suggestions your way.

    The buildings look ace too. I've got to find a way to do some kind of South Carolina trip sometime...

  2. Even after seeing this terrain a second time it still blows me away. Just awesome. What's even more awesome? You managed to bring models to prime ans paint while on vacation. You, sir, are a genius.


  3. I'm late to the party, but damm is that table nice. Great stuff

  4. woa! it's looking amazing, as larry said!!

    I'll be writing you soon, for the rubble pieces ;D

    And congrats on your anniversary!!!

  5. The terrain is all shades of awesome and very inspiring! Do you have a plan on what sort of colours the buildings will be painted in?

  6. Cheers for taking the time to post these extra shots for us Paps.

    I'm really digging the cetral building in the row with the attached walkway and 'watch tower'. I'm thinking of building a similar ruin to anchor the middle of my board, with the existing 'shell buildings' I have to use around the outer edges.

    I haven't posted to the blog in a bit but I did get a quick game in where we piled on the rubble/scatter terrain I have been working on and it definately adds to the game experience having the mix of high/low terrain blocking LoS etc.

    What I really like about your buildsis the strategic use of the additional bits from the kits - lights, sconces. I hadn't even thought to put the eagle headed sconces under the walkways.

    Thanks again for posting mate - I will try to get some shots up of my board and some of my painted scatter pieces.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip mate.

  7. Thank you, gentlemen! I appreciate hearing from all of you and apologize for taking so much longer than usual to respond.

    @ Sons of Taurus - Thank you very much! We only traveled the couple of hours it took to get to Niagara and stayed there for the night. I'm not much of a gambler but my wife is and so we mainly went to visit the casino there. Fortune was with us as we won enough playing roulette to cover the costs of our vacation, and even better, we actually took our winnings and walked away. I've heard great things about the Canadian rockies and really do hope to get there someday soon. I'd certainly appreciate any suggestions and will check with you when we get around to planning out that trip.

    @ Col. Hessler - Thank you, I really appreciate it! The weather has turned a bit sour the last couple of days but I'm still confident that there's time to get some priming done. And I've got my supplies ready to go if I do get the chance to paint... I'm really hoping all this time with the in-laws available to babysit will translate into a little extra hobby time.

    @ Larry - Very glad to hear from you, thanks!

    @ Nesbet - Right on, thank you! I'm really grateful that your willing to help me out with the rubble, though I wasn't able to get your movement tray bits mailed out before leaving town. I brought them with me and hope to get them shipped out this week. I am sorry about the delay, though.

    @ jabberjabber - Thanks, jj! I'm still not sure what type of colors to use on this stuff. I'd like to try out something a little different from the usual fare I normally see but really don't know what direction to go in. I'd love to hear any suggestions or thoughts on the matter.

    @ Rogue Pom - I'm really glad I could help out, Rogue. Thanks again for taking an interest. I'm very happy with how that central building you mentioned turned out, though getting the walkway to fit properly was something of an ordeal. Since I haven't gotten a chance yet to try out all this terrain in a game, it's comforting to hear that you had a good experience with your own terrain. I look forward to seeing more of your handiwork... thanks!

  8. Some adjoining Duff storage tanks might look good...

  9. Great idea, I think some big Duff tanks would be fun to make and would provide a nice visual cue for context... thanks!

  10. Should probably get the rest of the sector done first though.

  11. True, there's still a lot left to work on so that will have to be another addition to the ever expanding to-do list.