Tuesday, February 22, 2011

J.Wappel's GK Land Raiders, etc.

Well it's good to be back everyone, sorry about that unanticipated absence. The past couple of weeks RealLife has overrun my defenses and collapsed the entire hobby front, leaving me with no progress to report whatsoever. Things have been so hectic lately I haven't even had time to keep up with my beloved blogosphere [Gasp!] or post up any of my usual blather. After reading this over at Musings of a Smurf and reflecting on it a bit more, rather than feel down about the lack of hobby time I'm instead thankful to have accomplished a lot that needed to be done along with spending lots of time with my family. Thanks for helping to refresh my perspective, MoaS!

Enough rambling for now, let's get to it. All the recent excitement over the imminent return of the Grey Knights reminded me that I never got around to posting all the pictures I had of an amazing pair of Grey Knight Land Raider Redeemers painted by James Wappel of WindyCity Miniatures. I'm fairly certain I remember RealGenuis of BoLS fame showed off pictures of these last spring at that website and maybe also at The Painting Corps. Even so they're such brilliant models it's worth taking another look. Right then, check out these lovely Land Raiders...

While on the subject of WindyCity Miniatures, the next two photos are of miniatures painted by Cathy Wappel. These were also brought to last's years Adepticon and available in the Wappels' seminars for us to see as examples of their work and to admire. Also the Bretonnian was referenced specifically in the class on painting free hand designs to show how their techniques for painting tattoos can be applied in other situations. I know I've posted these here before but why not post 'em again? They're simply awesome!

(I'm not positive but I think that's RealGenius in the background taking photos.)

Alright, I've run out of time for now and need to wrap it up. If you ever get a chance to meet the Wappels, do so as they are some of the sweetest, nicest people I've encountered in this hobby. Great people with great talent... dig it!


  1. Oops, I forgot to mention that Jim won at least an award or two, including highest honors in the vehicle category, for the Land Raider of this pair which he entered in the competition last year. Sorry about being so sloppy with my information... I think it was the first one pictured but again I'm not positive about that. Unless someone knows for sure and wants to help me out with this, I'll look it up when I get some spare time.

    Way to go, Jason... top notch blogging, I'd say. ;-)

  2. Outstanding work thanks for highlighting it, taking a sight seeing trip to Windy City right away. :)

  3. Oh My God!! This is one of the best Land Raiders I have ever seen. I am also thinking of building my Grey Knights and it is SO inspiring... Thanks for sharing all these great models!

  4. @ Bix - Right on, glad to help call attention to their artwork. It's definitely worth checking out the Wappels' website, I just wish they had more pictures of their work. At Adepticon they brought two portfolios filled with photos of their miniatures... jaw dropping good. Thanks, Bix!

    @ Mihalis - I totally agree, seeing them in person was unreal. Wow! I'm really happy this helped ignite your passion for the Grey Knights, certainly if you decide to paint your own daemon hunters they will also be outstanding models. Best wishes, Mihalis!

  5. Welcome back! There has been a hole of about your size in these parts lately so I'm glad you're back to fill it.

    If the real reason was your intensive training course at the studio, I realise you can't tell us that yet - we'll have to wait for the blurred pics on the forums..!

    Amazing models too, off the scale. The smoothness of the surface on that land raider is incredible.

  6. Yay! JJ is back! I have never seen these before, and they are smokin' hot! WOW. WOW again! thanks for sharing!

  7. Glad to see you're back PapaJJ!! ;D

    Nice pics, and thank you for the link. I think I needed some rambling and reflection!

  8. Hey there, just checking in to some of my favorite blogs and giving some love. I've been neglecting my duties of late.

    Those are some beautiful models, the landraider is especially wonderful. It's very easy for people who are good at freehand to go way over the top but this is just a perfect balance. Then again, taking another peek, I think the chaos lord is now my favorite!

    I hope everything is going well with you at the moment. Luckily my genetic stiff upper lip and inherent pessimism takes the edge off life when I need it!

  9. I wondered if you fell into a Warp hole ... Good to see you back Mr J.

  10. @ Porky - Haha, thank you sir! I appreciate the welcome home and admit that your theory has tremendous appeal. Of course were that the case I would still have to deny it for obvious reasons... :) I'm glad you like seeing the pictures, it was the discussion listed below that really reminded me of these tanks. Thank you, Porky!


    @ Loquacious - I am grateful, thank you Loquacious! I'm really happy to share these pictures, they are indeed marvelous works of art. Thanks, Loq!

    @ Nesbet - No problem, I'm glad it was helpful for you. It certainly was so for me. Thank you very much, Nesbet!

    @ Derina - Haha, I sometimes wondered the same thing! I appreciate the painting tip by the way that you sent me, I will be sure to try that out. Also the bits arrived but I haven't gotten a chance to send them in the mail yet. I should have that done though before the weekend. Thank you, Derina!

  11. @ Musings of a Smurf - Oops, didn't mean to leave you out from the above response. I really appreciate what you wrote, it struck me as a very sincere and thoughtful piece, as well as being a really honest assessment of things. Thank you! Of course I'm sure the other traits you mention in your comment must help... :)

    I agree it is tough for me to decide which I find most impressive. The tanks are absolutely gorgeous but I love the subtle malevolence of the Chaos Lord. And you're right about how the Land Raiders while being ornate and fancy still do not seem to be overdone and exaggerated.

    Thank you again, Musings of a Smurf, I appreciate it!

  12. What one was it as I cant remember what I sent you...

    I have been pinning Warmachine minis since friday, and found 2 misscast parts.

    I have also put the 2 Navy fleets together just to break the hardship of pinning.

    One Deep One has been done though I'll let you sort out the base so it will fit in with your DE Army.

  13. A few days ago you sent me a quick, 2-step formula for painting a Deep One's tongue. Seems to me like a good way to do it, thanks! As for the warmachine work.. wow, that's some serious pinning. I hope the rest goes well enough and you don't run into any more miscasts. (Ahhh, the joys of metal!) That's exciting news about your fleets already being assembled, how soon do you think you'll be ready to start playing some games? I'm eager to find out your impressions of the game. Very cool... thanks, Derina!

  14. Speaking of misscasts found 3 so far.

  15. Figures... :( I hope that's the last of them at least. Probably not, though, but I'll still try to remain optimistic on your behalf. Good luck!

  16. The pinning ended on friday, and ill be picked up from home from some compay or another.

    Got the paints back out on sunday, scales done as are the tack (think horses ie: Mr Ed) spines claws and tounge to go (Dwarf flesh and baal red wash for that)

    Need a vacation any takers?

  17. I ment the minis will be picked up (Must remember to spell check b4 posting.)

  18. Good to hear that the pinning is over, congrats on a job well done. As to the matter of spell checking, trust me... I jave my share of isues as well. :) Thansk, Derina!