Thursday, April 7, 2011

AdeptiDone - I'm Home!

With the dust settling from AdeptiCon and the sounds of battle finally fading away, I am happy to report that I had an absolutely marvelous time! I will have plenty to report on in the coming days though it will take me a little while to get things in order and to sort out my thoughts on what took place. Unfortunately after spending almost all of Monday dealing with some... ahem, car troubles... it wasn't until after 6pm before I at last departed Chicago and began the thousand mile drive back to Charleston. I therefore did not arrive home till the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday and only now am starting to feel recovered from the past week. It was an amazingly good trip but has nonetheless certainly taken its toll on me. :)

AdeptiCon was a fantastic weekend, by far one of my most enjoyable hobby experiences and well worth the long journey and the associated expense. Every one of the twelve games I played in was a blast and in the process I didn't meet a single gamer whom I'd avoid playing against in the future. The games were fun and exciting and the opposing players were uniformly good sports, patient and fair. I couldn't have asked for a better lineup of people with whom to spend a few days rolling dice.

Besides the games which I enjoyed thoroughly and the huge amount of inspiring models, another highlight from AdeptiCon was meeting and befriending so many wonderful people, either across from me at the gaming tables or else those I randomly encountered while wandering the site. Along with all of my opponents from the weekend, I was also fortunate to have met many wonderful gamers and painters and enjoyed every minute spent talking with them about our shared hobbies. So that I don't forget to do so later, I would like to thank and say hello to the following new friends:

Neil from the Dark Future Games crew.
Dave Pauwels of Gogon Studios.
Dethtron of Dick Move fame,
and their bandmates from Crusader, Joe, Ian, and Brad.
Aaron V., Nick H., and Robert C. from the Friday tournament.
The members of Team Snake Eyes - Iron Hands contingent.
The members of Checkmate Hobbies and Skull-N-Bonz.
Brent of Strictly Average whom I accosted in the elevator.
My teammates Wolf Lord Pat and Company Commander Josh.
Chris Borer of Full Borer Miniatures
b.smoove of A Gentleman's Ones

Also I want to thank all the staff and volunteers who obviously put in a ridiculous amount of effort into making AdeptiCon as much fun as it was. Lastly I want to thank my good friend who has tolerated my antics for many years, DrGabe of DrGabe's Miniatures. Once again being able to hangout like old times was the best part of the weekend... thanks, buddy! It's my hope that I will get to see lots of these same good people again before next year's event, but if not until then, that will be yet another reason for me to look forward to AdeptiCon in 2012.

I do intend on reviewing the various events I played in at AdeptiCon though I haven't decided yet on the manner in which I will do so. Since I'm not sure if I was ever clear about my schedule before leaving for Chicago, essentially it was the 1000pt Fantasy tournament on Friday, the 40k Team Tournament on Saturday, and the Killzone event on Sunday. I expect I'll at least put together a separate report discussing each of those tournaments although I likely won't try to do a full battle report for every one of my games. But for now I've picked out a sampling of pictures from my weekend to sort of preview what I will be posting and talking about over the coming days.

"Follow me, men, I know the way to VICTORY!" Famous last words...

Mere seconds before rolling three of my many twin-linked misses of the day....

"Uh, guys... hello? Where did you go? Weren't you alive just a minute ago?"

One of Chris Borer's amazing marines from his Killzone team, of which I will show more in its own post...

Beasts of Annihilation enter the Killzone, never to be seen again.

I will begin organizing my AdeptiReports later this evening so hopefully I'll have more ready to post soon... until next time, take care and happy gaming!


  1. Sounds great, and it did look fun. I followed what I could from a distance with all the great blogging and vids, but I look forward to reading anything more you want to write.!

  2. Glad you got back mate, could you put one of my blogs on your roll of honer please?

  3. it sounds like it was an absolute blast. Can't wait to see your write ups!

  4. Jesus 1000 miles! I forget just how vast America is!

    Sounds like you had a great time. I would like to enter a big tournament this year but I'm not sure which one yet. I tend to do 1 a year

  5. @ Porky - It is impressive how much coverage an event like this can generate, and I am happy to help provide a JJ-centric take on how it all went over. But how could I not be excited to share my experiences? For once I actually have something interesting to report! :) Thanks, Porky!

    @ Derina - Sure thing, Derina. I had actually meant to ask sometime ago which of your blogs you would prefer having listed... thanks for the reminder! Let me know if you would rather I link to one of your other blogs, by the way. Take care, Derina... I hope you are doing alright considering all that is going on in your life. Best wishes to you!

    @ Loquacious - It really was a fun time, I'm very happy I went and played in the games that I did. {erhaps next year you could organize a trip for you and some of your Gophers to attend. I think you would have a great time, too. Thanks, Loq!!

    @ Musings of a Smurf - Haha, I forget that as well sometimes... a nice drive through the seemingly endless Midwestern states serves as a good reminder just what sort of scale is involved. My goodness there's a lot of ground to cover!

    Good luck to you in choosing which event you would like to attend this year. I'm curious what type of tournament or convention options you have in your country so I'll be sure to follow closely as you make your decision. I might consider doing one more this year but I don't know how thrilled my wife would be with that plan. Hmm, we'll see.... :)

    Thank you very much, MoaS, it is always fun to hear from you. I hope you have a great weekend!

  6. The B4 would be cool thanks, when the Knights arrive there is something in the box for your marines.

  7. It was my pleasure to hang out with you!! Thanks for making an awesome trip even the more better by putting up with me. :) But enough of that, people are gonna start thinking the wrong things!

    I laughed earlier today when I realized that last year you did nothing but hobby events and this year you did nothing but gaming events. That make me chuckle.

  8. OH, I was meaning to ask- Did you talk to Chris Borer about licking paint brushes?

  9. @ Derina - Sure, no problem... thanks, Derina!

    @ DrGabe - At least for the one last year it was what I had planned on doing, even though I did bring three or more armies with me... you know, just in case. :) That's better than signing up for a bunch of classes and then skipping all of them. (D'oh!) Maybe by next year I will have figured out this whole scheduling thing.

    And yes, I did talk to Chris about the taboo of brush licking. I am going to do a full report about it but need to do a little more follow up research on the subject. This is proving to be a more complex investigation than I had initially expected it to be. Lol

    Thanks, DrGabe!

  10. Hey JJ...

    It was great to meet you, and a little surprising, seeing as you're from all the way down in South Carolina. =)

    Loquacious speaks very highly of you, and after making your acquaintance, I can see why. I more than enjoyed chatting with you about games and such.

    I'm also very pleased that you enjoyed your visit to out little shop. I wish you had gotten ahold of us to let us know about the car trouble. We would have been more than happy to render some assistance.

    Overall, though, I'm glad you had a great trip (outside of the car snafu) and that you made it back home safely.

    You take care, sir.

    peace... GopherDave

  11. Thanks so much, GopherDave! I appreciate it greatly and look forward to visiting Armored Gopher Games again. I'll be sure to plan ahead better so that I can spend more time at your store, maybe even play some games there. :) It was great meeting you and I wish you and Loq all the best, take care!!