Friday, April 29, 2011

Chris Borer's Killzone Team

I don't have much time for blogging right now so tonight I just want to quickly show a few pictures I took at AdeptiCon of some really amazing Space Marines. I played in the Killzone event on the last day of the convention and had the good fortune of both playing against and then later teaming up with one of my favorite miniature painters, Chris Borer of Full Borer Miniatures. Having admired his painting for years and even taken one of his painting classes at the previous AdeptiCon, I had come to think of him only in terms of his work as an artist. It was therefore a particularly special treat for me to get to actually spend time gaming with him and have fun throwing dice with a winner of four Slayer Sword awards and more than twenty Golden Demon trophies. (Click here to see his tally of Golden Demons.) You can imagine then my elation when Chris even complemented my own Killzone team and said what a pleasure it was to play against a well-painted army!

For his Killzone team Chris brought a mix of Space Marines and Space Marine veterans primarily equipped for rather specialized roles, and complemented by a number of cheaper Space Marine Scouts. His team was lead by what I think was a Veteran Sergeant who had been upgraded to carry the special issue Medipack, and hence was modeled as a Space Marine Apothecary. The other members of the team included a Sternguard veteran, a Vanguard veteran, two basic Space Marines armed with a Heavy Bolter and a Flamer, and one more Space Marine with the standard equipment. Finally there were five Scouts, one carrying a shotgun and the other four armed with bolt pistols and close combat weapons. It seemed to me to be a really well balanced and quite lethal Killzone team and I believe Chris did fairy well with them in his games. Oh and they look fantastic, too! Check 'em out...

Apothecary (Team Leader)

Sternguard Veteran

Vanguard Veteran

There was also one more member of the Killzone team, a very cool Space Marine posed in the act of throwing a frag grenade, but unfortunately none of the pictures I took of him turned out well. Too bad as it was one of my favorites from the bunch and I apologize for not getting the complete set photographed. Chris was very kind and allowed anyone who was interested to handle his minis and set them up for photos, an opportunity of which a number of people took advantage. So who knows... maybe I can track down a decent picture of that last Space Marine from this team.

That's it for tonight, however. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at these beautifully painted miniatures, I'm very thankful for the chance to share them with you. Happy gaming, everyone!


  1. wow they look great. I really like the skull on the beakie helm. I think it is the first time I have ever seen a beakie helm and gone 'ohhh thats nice!'

  2. Those are really well done and as the smurf says great skull on that helmet.

  3. I've actually never heard of Chris Borer before, clicked on the link, clicked on his gallery...and dropped a few expletives, holy cow.

    His excellent marines here (love the syringe-bayonet!) definitely deserve a little extra spotlight, thanks.

  4. Nevermind the lead. Those are nice tables. I jest. I jest.

    Chris is an absolute legend, and made a genuinely heroic effort to get to the event on Sunday (it's best if he fill in the details). Class act all round.

    Great post.

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  6. @ Musings of a Smurf - Haha! What's up with this anti-beakieism? ;) I agree, that helmet does look great. Great to hear from you, Musings of a Smurf!

    @ The Angry Lurker - Yeah, when I first saw that helmet in person it took me a moment to realize that it wasn't just painted on. Wow! Thanks, Angry Lurker!

    @ Gyro - Awesome, I'm glad I could introduce you to his work. Just in case you didn't see it, this diorama called "Oathkeeper" is probably my favorite and I think you would enjoy it too:

    I'm glad you enjoyed seeing his work... best wishes to you, Gyro!

    @ Brian - Hahaha! It sure is nice to see that one picture with some random dude's army case in the background, haphazardly thrown onto your lovingly crafted table. That must have driven you crazy all weekend!

    I didn't realize there were challenges that had to be overcome in order for Chris to play that morning. Even for my own selfish reasons I'm very grateful he was able to make it, I'm glad he too had an enjoyable time. Thanks again for the awesome gaming experience, Brian!

    @ Kirsten Williams - Thank you but I am not interested in participating in any advertising campaigns. Best wises!