Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some Context Please

I’m steadily making progress on the archers but they’re still not finished. Because I didn’t want these fellows to have a uniform appearance as I want them to be distinct from the compulsory block of 6x4Lb, switching up the colors for each one has slowed me down a bit. I finished painting their shirts (or whatever the medieval term would be for such… I’ll have to look that up) and started on their hoods as well so that now they’re starting to look close to finished. I’ll be sure to get pictures of them up as soon as they’re done.

In the meanwhile I would like to establish some context and a sense of where I’ll be doing most my painting for the foreseeable future. Below is a photo of my new painting station that I’ve been using since Saturday. I get a lot of natural light and sitting at the dining table seems to encourage better posture so that my back still feels good. Keeping the area around me clean and organized has been good for my mental state too so hopefully I'll stick to that as well.

For comparison, see below the set up that I was using this past summer and fall. Looking at this photo makes me very appreciative of my current situation and I think will certainly help me enjoy it that much more, which in turn should help me stay motived.

Is it any wonder then that I didn't paint more in a setting such as that? Just looking at it makes me feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic.

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