Monday, May 24, 2010

Curtains for 40k Radio

Who didn't see this coming? With all of the recent drama and ego-battling, the end of 40k Radio seemed to me to be a very predictable outcome. I am a little surprised at the speed with which the demise has come about, but then again I also did not anticipate this escalating to the level of creepy threats and other such grotesqueries directed at Spencer and his family. Once again I have underestimated the internet. This whole saga makes for a rather pitiful and unfortunate ending to what once was a cool addition to my hobby, though I apparently missed out on it's glory days.

Oh well... most accounts of the show I've heard lately have not been favorable and I haven't listened in a while, the one exception being Episode 76 featuring Scott and Chipley which I thought was pretty good. I personally hope everyone turns out better for this and I appreciate them having introduced me to wargamer podcasting. I don't get a lot of time to listen but I enjoy it when I can, though not long ago I learned even fun gaming chatter can't drown out the sound of dental drilling. Also I now feel even better for having decided against paying to join the Freebootaz a couple of weeks ago. :)

I've recently begun listening to two relatively new podcasts, Minions of the Monster Master and Tabletop Hooligans, and have enjoyed them a lot. The latter come across as a very fun group of friends and people with whom I'd gladly hang out and play some games. Also they're from Long Island so listening to them reminds me of visiting my wife's hometown in New York which is neat. What really caught my attention about the former, the Minions team, is that their blog features some of the coolest original artwork that I've seen on a gaming site. Plus they're Lovecraft fans, too! With the lights going out on 40k Radio, it seems I picked a good time to start shopping around for other podcast options.

I'd love to hear any other recommendations people might have, as I really am curious about what type of stuff is out there. So... anyone listening to something cool?


  1. Us over as The 25mm Warrior are looking into doing our own podcast. Not sure when it will be up though. Seems like one if those things thats hard to figure out how to do right but once you do it's like riding a bike.

  2. Awesome, I can hardly wait for the first episode! That really is great news about you guys working out how to podcast, I'm sure you'll do it right. Best of luck to you!

  3. Thanks for the props on Minions! We never really planned to do a Podcast. One of our players brought a mp3 recorder to a session, and suddenly we are 'casting away!

  4. No problem T-Bone, I was happy to. That's cool how you guys got started with the podcast, thanks for putting on such an enjoyable show!