Sunday, September 5, 2010

Boring Housekeeping Post

Hi, I hope you're doing well today. As most of the country is likely occupied right now doing fun things for the holiday weekend, I thought this would be a good time to work on some minor housekeeping business here at ye olde Blogspot. My apologies to any readers outside the USA, I'm not familiar enough with your holiday schedules to accommodate for them when planning posts. Anyways... since switching over from one blogroll to the current set of three that I use, I have done a rather poor job updating them with all the new blogs that I follow. I've neglected to do this for so long that it's now grown into something of a challenge to finally address. Should anyone consider going with multiple lists, I recommend that you have a plan before doing so. Any plan. I imagine it would help.

My division of everyone's work into the Itchy, Scratchy, and Poochie Blog categories was capricious and completely arbitrary, foolishly done without any forethought to making future updates. Therefore when Blogger now tries to help me out by offering to "Add to your blog list: Blogs I'm Following," it presents me with a massive list that includes all those already added to the other two blogrolls. And because I've waited more than a month to deal with this in any sort of deliberate way, each time I try to fix this situation I end up having no clue which ones need to be added or where to add them, resulting in even more procrastination and dithering.

Well, no longer. Today's the day that I at last confront this task and in the process hopefully come up with a more rational approach to maintaining the lists of blogs that I follow. Should anyone feel strongly enough about the category in which your blog has been placed, let me know and I'll gladly move things around to satisfy any requests. Not that I expect this to matter to anyone but I thought it best to offer just in case someone felt like engaging in pointless introspection. And for the sake of completeness, if diceRolla were to be so categorized, I think it would be a Scratchy blog.

I know... this was a really dumb post. Oh well, that's the best I've got on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. Take care!


  1. I hear ya. Once I split my blogrolls into two it has been a pain to keep up, esp. as I keep following new ones. My split has been "guys with traitor guard/renegades/LatD stuff" vs. those without. And then I find LatD stuff in the second group...oog.

    I have the utmost sympathy for guys like Ron at FTW who have ever-expanding rolls.

    For what it's worth, I'm good with being a Scratchy blog. Though Itchy always seems to win, I always sympathized more with Tom, Sylvester, and Scratchy.

  2. I admire your good sense to at least go into it with a solid plan on how to keep things organized. You're right about Ron and the other guys who keep up with such large numbers of writers, I have a new appreciation for what they do. I really hadn't anticipated any of this extra attention that it would require to stay updated. Oh well, that's what I get for not thinking things through.

    Glad to know the Scratchy assignment was a good one, too. Thanks!

  3. My division of blogs was a bit simpler and therefore has been easier to maintain. I put the first 10 blogs I started to follow on one side and all the others on the other side.

    Up until recently it has worked fine. However, now I am having to deal with the fact that some of my first 10 blogs are rather inactive. I know need to come up with some other plan to reorganize them.

    Poochie for the win!