Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lost In The Warp

My copy of Codex: Tyranids did not arrive today so I'm a bit disappointed right now. I've never been let down before by the Advance Order service offered by Games Workshop which is why I was so sure that my book would be delivered on the day of its release. In fact I have become accustomed to actually getting things a day or so before the official release date. I am optimistic therefore that this is just some fluke and not indicative of how they will operate in the future. It seems like I wasn't the only one to not receive my order on the promised date, therefore perhaps there was some sort of systemic failure that screwed up their shipping. On the GW website it says my order was dispatched but I have a feeling it's been listed that way for at least a week now. It looks like I just need to exercise some patience and everything will be okay. Even though I know I would have enjoyed playing around with the new book and reading through the updated fluff, ultimately I think I am grateful to have gotten another night of painting done instead. I feel like there's so much painting to be done that any extra time that I spend with brush in hand is a small victory for me.

On the subject of painting, I'm now very close to finishing the Dreadnought whom I have decided to name Abraxos. I hope to have pictures of the completed model soon, assuming of course that I find the camera which I appear to have lost again. (Hmm, maybe it got sucked into the Warp along with my Codex: Nids.) Tonight I am particularly happy with the lenses that I painted, attempting for the first time to represent the effects of light reflecting off of the optics. I think they turned out well and will look really nice when I add some gloss varnish to make them shine. I'm confident that I will have wrapped up the painting by this time tomorrow night. Other than going a little crazy from painting green lines I have thoroughly enjoyed working on Brother Abraxos, Dreadnought of the Dark Angels Sixth Company. I think it's going to be a lot of fun seeing him purge the heretics... flame on!

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