Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Photo Woes, Et Cetera

My internet is messing with me and I'm having a lot of trouble uploading pictures right now. I don't really know what's going on or how to fix the situation, it just seems like I can't get anything more added. I still haven't figured out if I can do a gallery section on this blog so I was just going to do a separate entry for each finished miniature. Since that does not appear to be a viable solution, I am going to rethink this and hopefully come up with something else. For now though the only photo I could get to load is the one above which is pretty similar to one I posted quite some time ago. You can see in this new shot, however, that I went a little heavy on the varnish and therefore he's now a little bit shiny. Oh well... live and learn.

We've had a lot of wet weather in my area of the country and I haven't done any painting in about a week now. I'm pretty disappointed about that but I had nothing primed so what could I do? After finishing the Scout squad last week we had several days of rain and so I moved on to assembling my Circle Orboros Warpack. Fortunately my experience with them went much smoother than those Scouts, which surprises me because I've gotten used to plastics being so easy to work with compared to metal. I think I may have even been unconsciously avoiding larger metal kits because of all the hassle they've caused me in the past. I'm pretty sure the last big metal kits I worked on were the Ork Dreadnought and Killer Kans which were nearly impossible for me to assemble. I feel better having learned that those particular miniatures were notorious ill fitting and difficult to work with... apparently I'm not the only one to have experienced genuine pain trying to get them to hold together. I'm happy those guys in particular are finally getting released as plastic kits because the metal versions probably did more than anything else to drive me away from the hobby for two years.

With all that still seeming fresh in my mind, my introduction to Hordes miniatures was really a joy as I was expecting it to be so much more difficult than it proved to be. There were a couple of tricky things to contend with but overall nothing that made me get frustrated or mad. I even made my first successful attempt at pinning heavy components! The spine things jutting out of the Warpwolf's shoulders didn't fit perfectly and were a bit fiddly, and there were also some minor gaps that needed filling with greenstuff. All things considered though I am very happy with these miniatures, they are beautifully sculpted and look fantastic. I really want to get painting them right away but am conflicted because of all those Dark Angels that need to be painted as well. So what should I do? Do I listen to my head and turn my attentions to those Scouts, or should I go with my heart and start painting my monsters for Hordes?

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