Sunday, November 21, 2010

Citadel Woods Finished

Even though it took me a couple weeks longer to finish painting this group of Citadel Woods than I'd originally planned, I am still very happy and am quite satisfied with how they turned out. So much so that I decided to have some fun taking pictures of them today. I painted the miniatures seen in the following photos at least 15 years ago, but the trees were not finished until 3am this morning. Actually before going to bed I went to put my new terrain pieces away and promptly dropped two trees, snapping off a number of branches and breaking a few leaves. It was therefore another hour before I had everything repaired which made for an exciting conclusion to my late night hobby session.

I love this terrain kit! I think Games Workshop did a fantastic job on it and I look forward to working on my next batch of Citadel Woods perhaps sometime in the coming weeks, though likely not until the new year considering all the projects I'm juggling. I have another three sets of Woods still unassembled which I will paint in the same fashion as these. I like this scenery so much, however, that I now would like to eventually get a couple more kits to be painted as burned up sections of forest that have seen heavy fighting. I think that would introduce some nice variety to the collection and would look pretty cool as well.

That's all for later, though. Regarding the matter at hand, here are some pictures of my newly completed terrain pieces:

Citadel Woods #1

Citadel Woods #2

Citadel Woods #3

A surprise encounter.

"Look out, he's right behind you!"

"Artillery's hard work, lads, so be grateful for the shade."

The garrison was alert for any potential threats...

... but they still didn't stand a chance.

"Hi, I'm a wizard. I wear sensible shoes."

All the [miniature] world's a stage...

These trees were a real joy to paint and it's nice knowing that they'll be of use no matter how much jumping I do from one army project to another. I'm not sure what this coming week will be like for my hobby activities as Thanksgiving is on Thursday, but I will nonetheless endeavor to get in as much hobby time as RealLife allows. If you can't tell by my choice of subject matter in tonight's photos, I've had Warhammer Fantasy on my mind recently so that will likely receive a fair share of my attention.

That's all for tonight... happy painting and gaming, everyone!


  1. Looking nice! Inspirational ... I have several boxes of those bad boys ... that have been neglected for years. I really should put them to use!!

  2. wow, they look really nice. All I have really seen of these trees is quickly put together and poorly painted models. Yours look great.

  3. They turned out so well! I love how your little scenes make them come alive. Great job!

  4. Lol the Imperial assassin.

    Love the trees Papps - its great to see green trees to boot. I so often see trees trapped in the twilight of autumn, yours were a refreshing change, and as Natfka said, really nicely painted.

    Are the bases custom, or do they come with slate etc molded on?



  5. looking very smooth... and I particularly like the old Empire models.

  6. I would gladly play on a board with those trees. Great job.

  7. Looks great matey! it's inspired me to get some for our group. We're seriously lacking in foliage, for some weird reason...

  8. Wow, they look pretty cool!

    I haven't realized the size of the woods; 2 or 3 of them cover such a lot of space! It looks great! =D
    It's amazing how good they look,r egarding being the same kit 3 times; the woods really look different from eachother.

    Nice work!

  9. Those tree's look really good. I never thought much of the citadel tree's before but with a good paint job they look good. I may have to get some myself.

  10. @ The Lord of Excess - Thank you! These trees lived in their boxes for quite sometime as well. Getting these done has definitely encouraged me to get going on more terrain as quickly as I can. I'm glad I could help provide some inspiration for you, thanks!

    @ Natfka - Very cool, thank you so much!

    @ Loquacious - Thank you, I had a lot of fun taking these pictures of my toy soldiers. I'm happy you enjoyed them, thanks!

    @ Rogue Pom - Haha, I'm glad you liked that sneaky Imperial assassin, as well as the trees. I didn't do anything special to modify the bases. In fact all the areas now covered in flock have sculpted texture to look like mud, dirt, or whatever. I had not noticed how much detail was on them until I started painting them but it is impressive. Thank you, RP!

    @ b.smoove - Thank you, sir! I did have a lot of fun with these old Empire guys, not least of which for the fond memories of Goblin Green bases. : ) Thanks, b.!

    @ Thor - Wow, thank you very much!

    @ Paul - My goodness, that's wonderful! Thank you very much, it feels great to know that I've helped contribute to your hobby. Thanks!

    @ Nesbet - Right on, thanks! I had not realized it either until I started putting them together on the table. By leaving little paths between the pieces as a whole they really do cover a lot of ground. I too was worried at first about a lack of variety but once finished I hardly notice. Thank you, Nesbet!

    @ Blackmane - Thank you, I really appreciate that a lot. If you give them another chance they're also pretty quick to paint, it just took me longer to finish these because I ended up having less hobby time than I had originally expected. Thanks again, Blackmane!

  11. I like the photos with the wizard and the canons where you have a nice backdrop and go close up.

    The downward photo of the wall sentry is nice as well!

  12. Wonderful, thank you so much! I'm very happy you liked my photos, as I've mentioned before your own photography has been very inspiring for me. From your latest article with advice on photography and staging I learned a number of principles which I want to incorporate the next time I'm taking pictures. Thank you!

  13. I agree that the green really works. It sunnier and makes a refreshing change from the usual doom and gloom.

    Love the classic models too. It's always good to see classics alive and kicking!

  14. Thank you, I'm happy my trees have been so well received. I love these game worlds GW created but the doom and gloom of it all does weigh on me at times. I think these brighter woods fit my disposition a little better. : )

    It was a lot of fun for me to use those Empire guys, I have such fond memories of them but had kept them tucked away in boxes for years. It makes me want to start using them in games again and maybe even try to track down some more of them to bulk out the units a bit.

    I really appreciate hearing from you, thank you very much for taking an interest in my blog!

  15. Minas Tirith and some sick looking trees! Lucky...
    Great looking stuff, the Empire guys look right at home there!

  16. Thank you so much, Granesh, I'm flattered. (And yes, I am a lucky gamer...) Great to hear from you, thank you for being supportive of my blog!