Monday, November 1, 2010

My Halloween Zombies

I finished painting the zombies last night and had a great time in the process. It was a fun Halloween project and definitely made the holiday more memorable for me. The downside of this however is that I am now fighting the urge to begin constructing a horde of the hideous things for use in Apocalypse games as suggested by jabberjabber of Warpstone Flux. For a more immediate use I think I've found a way to fit these five into the next Killzone team I'm planning out. I need to put some more time in with the codex to see if it will work so for now I just have pictures of my new zombie friends.

Looking at these guys I now wonder if I should go back and add some blood stains or just make them dirtier and drippy. I always worry about overdoing effects like that so I may leave them alone for the time being. Now for a few closer shots of the zombie gang.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe night regardless of whether or not it was a holiday for you. We didn't have an trick-or-treaters so it was a quiet night and a good one for painting. I'm not sure what is up next for me to paint but I'll sort that out quickly enough. Oh well... good night!


  1. I love these! They are so perfect!

  2. Thank you, Loquacious! It really is tempting to make more of them... hmm, perhaps. Thanks!

  3. Braaiiiinzzz!! :P I love zombies and certainly you succeeded in creating this IGmeetsZombieApocalypse look!

  4. Really cool Papps. Nice mashup of Catachan and Zombie bits - you should at least flesh out the unit to a full 10 men/zombies.

    You might be able to work them into your Blistonnions as a penal unit - suffering radiation sickness/mutation ala Blinky the 3 eyed fish.

  5. braaaaains. Love them. This is really neither here nor there, but I don't think you need blood stains and general muck. They look perfect as is.

  6. "Good" looking zombies! I can smell 'em from here, pew.

  7. Thank you, everyone! I really appreciate hearing from you and getting so much support for my efforts. Thanks!

    @ Luckless Xenos - Thank you, I'm happy I had an excuse to not paint pupils and thus avoid potentially making them crazy-eyed. Now that I think about, I guess on these models I could have gotten away with such. Thanks again, I'm glad you like the zombies!

    @ Mihalis "Cadaver" Skalkos - Thanks so much, Mihalis! As a zombie connoisseur, I am very grateful that you liked my contribution to the zombie apocalypse. Thank you!

    @ Rogue Pom - I agree, stopping at five just seems too halfhearted. Even if I don't end up making a horde I'm sure I'd still find plenty of use for them. I really like your idea too about using with the Blisstonians, they certainly would make for an unfortunate group of plant workers. Thanks for the help!

    @ Musings of a Smurf - Thank you, glad you like 'em!

    @ b.smoove - Thank you, I really appreciate that. : ) I think I'll leave these zombies as they are now and happily move on to the next project. Thanks, b.!

    @ sonsoftaurus - Haha, thanks! Sorry about the smell, zombies in the South tend not to keep well. ; ) Thank you!

  8. Brilliant miniatures. Nice and disgusting!

    I like the idea of taking the photos against terrain too, that adds a little more atmosphere than the old white to blue fade background...

    Personally, I think you should add a little grime, and a teeny bit of blood, but I'd go for more of a dried gore look rather than the traditional arterial red goo.

  9. Right on, thanks! I'm glad you liked the terrain background, it's more fun for me that way when taking pictures. (Also perhaps it distracts from the paint blemishes and mediocre photography skills.) I really appreciate the input regarding adding more to the gross factor. I believe I will build at least another five zombies as suggested in the comments above and can then decide what to do about the blood and grime for the entire batch. Thank you!

  10. Nice use of the guard bits. And I'm really digging the color scheme on these, very muted and dead looking. It fits zombies in the 41st millenium perfectly!

  11. You know, I had to fight a similar urge myself when I bought a box of zombies to use as Death Guard "enhancement" bits. Every now and then, I keep looking at the catachan troops box and feel myself having to resist the urge ... !

  12. @ Daemonetteboobs - Yeah, I remember being very happy with how well a lot of the pieces from those different kits mesh together. I'm glad you liked how these turned out, but now that I want to paint more I wish I had taken some notes or paid more attention to how I painted these guys. Oops. Thank you very much, I appreciate hearing from you. Best wishes with your own blog, it looks great!

    @ jabberjabber - I'd order some zombie boxes today if I didn't already have too many other projects in the works. It's so tempting, though.... Thanks again for the suggestion, it certainly gives me something to think about. Cheers!