Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Redwood Raven

So if the current internet buzz can be believed, it looks like the Stonecutters will be getting a Spruce Moose* after all. Woo-hoo!! I haven't had a whole lot of time today to check out the news but I hope this is legit. My first impression is that the design doesn't look terribly intimidating or mean, instead reminding me of a cross between a bumble bee and a lawn dart. Or something else equally silly. But for a Simpsons-themed army I think this model would be perfect. It's got a lot of comedy potential and will be a nice centerpiece for the army once I get around to them.

I'm psyched. The Blisstonians already have their Copperhead in which to chauffeur around Plant Manager Burns. Meanwhile it looks promising that the Stonecutters will have a Storm Raven to spearhead their drunken (airborne!) assaults. Hooray, flyers for everyone!

Sorry I've been quiet the last few days. I became ill at the start of the week but am feeling better now. Painting continues on the Citadel Woods although there has not been a whole lot of progress since my last post. More to come soon... cheers!

*From "$pringfield," episodes #1F08. Another plane belonging to Mr. Burns, the Plywood Pelican featured in episode #FABF16 "Midnight Rx", would also provide suitable inspiration/precedent for a Stonecutters Storm Raven. I cannot however find any reference pictures of the Plywood Pelican so that's why I'm going with the Spruce Moose. It's also from an earlier episode so that gives it primacy.


  1. But lawn darts were so much FUN back in the day!!!!!!

    Admittedly though, it IS kinda funky looking...

  2. I hate to admit it, but I think it's lovely; all kinds of blunt trouble flying right at ya. But that's me.

  3. I Hope you get well soon man!

    I'll be also waiting to see those woods finished, among your other terrain pieces! =D

  4. @ Da Masta Cheef - Not just fun but also a blessing to the eyepatch industry, too!

    @ Loquacious - Blunt trouble, indeed. I actually do kind of like it, I just think it looks... awkward. Sort of like a giant, rocket powered anglerfish. You know, that does sound pretty cool. Right on!

    @ Nesbet - Thank you, Nesbet! I am now hopeful to have those woods finished by the end of the weekend. I also have a certain special terrain project that I want to take photos of once I have my camera back and will post photos soon. ; ) Thanks again!

  5. I actually really like the design. I have a thing for the broad blocky look of Imperial designs and this is right up there. It does look awkward but that's something that makes it cool to me.

  6. "We'll take the Spruce Moose! Hop in."

    "But Sir it's just..."

    "I. Said. Hop. In."

  7. @ Thor - Yeah, it definitely fits into the look of Space Marine vehicles to the point that I'm not sure why I was so surprised initially by the design. Even some the Forge World flyers don't look particularly flight-capable so I guess this Storm Raven isn't too much of a stretch for the 41st millennium. I mean, how aerodynamic is the Thunderhawk?

    @ Rich - Haha... nice! : )

    @ Bartender - Thank you, I appreciate it! I'm on the mend now and expect I'll be back to normal quite soon. Thanks!

  8. Aerodinamic as a flying brick .... Like the space shuttle.

  9. Gadzooks, I understand finally! It's about purpose. A brick is aerodynamic enough when all you want to do is throw it through a window, right? That would seem a fitting design principle for Space Marine assault vehicles. Either that or the GW brass gave it the thumbs up because it looked cool enough to charge $60+ (?!?!?!) for it. Thanks for helping me see the light, Derina!