Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nurgle Drives a Mini-Van

I’m home! What a day, what a day it was. Seventeen hours on the road have left me feeling rather weary and depleted so please forgive me if I seem a bit off. I slept about four hours last night after packing and loading everything up, then awoke with the family at 4am and was on the road driving fifteen minutes later. It rained the whole way and I didn’t once see the sun the entire day. I drove the first half of the way and, after napping through the state of Virginia, spent the rest of the time trying to keep my daughter entertained and happy. Our little one, 22 months old, did very well as always and is turning out to be an excellent traveler for which I am so grateful.

Unfortunately I cannot say her parents fared nearly as well. It was during the last half of the drive that my wife and I both began feeling ill. For sure it made it an even more interesting trip than usual with the onset of our symptoms, but it was worth it to press on so that we are at least home to recover. Sick or not, it’s good to be back. I suspect my brother-in-law may have passed on a mild flu to us as he has been suffering similarly for a few days now. (Cheers, Jeff, I hope you feel better soon!)

Normally I’d say these are less than ideal conditions for blogging. I saw something however on my phone just a short while ago as we neared Charleston that has compelled me to not let this opportunity pass. It’s b.smoove of A Gentleman's Ones birthday today!

Happy birthday, b.smoove! Hooray! I’ve gathered together a bunch of the Beasts of Annihilation to help me wish you a happy birthday and all the best in the year to come.

Leading the huzzahs is a miniature that’s very dear to me, a Chaos Lord of Nurgle (MoN, Personal Icon, Wings, Daemonic Weapon) who now commands this warband of vile renegades. He’s still a WIP but I just had to bring him out for the occasion. Pretty cool, right?

What’s so special about him is that he is in fact from the b.smoove collection, sent to me as a surprise gift following one of my contests in which the Gentleman was a runner-up prize winner. The contest was based around the idea of passing on old projects to new hands and so b.smoove returned the favor by sending me this awesome model to finish and add to my own army. Amazing!

I originally planned to show him off here once I had completed the little bit of work left to do but I can’t wait any longer. Life is what it is and I still haven’t gotten around to completing him yet. I just think it’s too cool of a model to go uncelebrated, and considering the special day, I thought it was time. Needless to say he takes pride of place in my army and will no doubt lead them to glory.

Thanks again, b., and happy birthday!!


  1. glad you're safely home, JJ. Get well soon!

  2. Thanks, Loquacious! Wouldn't you know it I now can't fall asleep... oh well. I always feel weird and crazy after these long road trips. Thanks again!

  3. Welcome home and all the best for speedy recovery!!

  4. The chaos lord of Nurgle is very cool looking!

  5. My goodness 17 hours on the road! You could drive from the UK to Austria in that time!

  6. @ Mihalis - Thank you! Hopefully this bug won't keep me down for long... I've got too much painting to do. : )

    @ jabberjabber - You should have seen my look of shock when he arrived in the mail, I could hardly believe it! I'll have to be careful, though, not to mess up any of b.smoove's handiwork as I put on the finishing touches. Thanks, jabberjabber!

    @ Bartender - Lol, that's a funny way to think about it! They're such different regions that going from New York to South Carolina certainly does feel like international travel. ; ) Thank you, Bartender!

  7. That Chaos Lord is awesome!

    Hope your feeling better soon!

  8. Went into hospital to get my wisdom teeth out, started to cough like a nutter and they sent me home.

    and now im frickin' Ill.

  9. @ Rich - Thank you! With so many well wishes I'm sure I'll be on the mend soon. Thanks, Rich!

    @ Derina - Oh no! That's terrible, I'm really sorry to hear you've been having difficult times lately. Just getting your wisdom teeth removed is enough of an ordeal, but to then get sick and be coughing when your mouth already is sore and hurting... sheesh! I hope you recover quickly and can get back to all the things you enjoy. Feel better soon, Derina!

  10. they sent me home b4 they could take them out.

  11. Hope you're feeling better mate, and I concur, the Nurgle lord looks great so far! All Nurgle, all the time! woot!

  12. @ Derina - Well, that's at least better than I'd initially thought. But I suppose that leaves you still looking forward to having your wisdom teeth taken out once you feel better. Lucky you! Take care, Derina, I hope things get better for you soon. : )

    @ whencannonsfade - Thank you! If I don't start feeling better soon, I've already decided to just go with the hand dealt to me and pledge myself to Nurgle. That should help, right? Thanks again, I appreciate it!