Thursday, December 23, 2010

Knights of Bal Timorea, Part 2

Once again I've demonstrated my inability to predict how long it will take for me to finish a project. A week of distractions and pre-holiday cheer has passed and Sir Cumference is still not yet complete. I am however feeling much better about the project than I had been as expressed in my previous post concerning The Knights of Bal Timorea. Painting the areas of black cloth on the warhorse and knight helped immensely and I'm now happy with how the model is turning out. I'd like to have him mailed out on Monday so that does not leave much wiggle room if my entry is to be in California on time.

The picture above shows the miniature after the areas of black cloth received a single application of Badab Black. This can be compared to the first picture of this post which was taken just prior to this step. I'm probably going to add Badab Black one more time once everything else is finished as it's still too blue for my liking and I would like to further darken its appearance. Really though from a couple feet away the "black" looks fine, but I think it needs to be darker. Here's another look at the areas I'm talking about, both before and after washing.



There's not much left to do on this miniature with the only big challenge left to tackle being the heraldry. I have an idea of what I want the design to be and have started to work out how I will go about painting it. My goal is to simplify the process enough for me to be able to replicate the heraldry with some modicum of consistency. I'll have to paint it five or six times on this Bretonnian knight so hopefully it's an easy enough design that I've chosen. Freehand painting has never been a strength of mine so no doubt this is going to be lots of fun. :)

Alright, time to get at it. I hope life is treating all of you very well, take care!


  1. Looking great, I really like the colors you have chosen. I should be finishing up my Knight either tomorrow or the 26th then mailing him off. I look forward to seeing your completed work!

  2. The colors are so well done- it almost makes me think he's made of clay!

  3. @ Meatball - Thanks, man! I think your knight is looking really sharp, too. That's a great color scheme you've picked out for your entry. Best wishes on getting everything wrapped up in time, it's a good thing we've got priority mail to help us make the deadline! Thanks again, Meatball!

    @ Loquacious - Right on, thank you so much!

  4. I like how subtle and subdued it is and how the highlighting suggests heavy cloth. Good luck with the freehand! Relax and know it will turn out well - that should steady your hand.

  5. I like it! The dark color tones and the non traditional colors you have chosen are a wonderful change from the typical yellows and reds as main colors that is so common.
    I can't wait to see the emblems you give them and the finished product! I am sure you will do a bang-up job!

  6. @ Porky - I am grateful for the encouragement, thank you! I will try my best to stay cool and keep my lines neat. What I have in mind should be embarrassingly simple but this is just uncomfortable ground for me. At the very least it's a chance for me to practice a bit and if all goes wrong, then you guys get to laugh at my incompetence. Either way we'll have some fun. :) Thanks, Porky!

    @ Black Bard - I appreciate the kind words, thank you! I don't want to overhype the heraldry, it's for sure not going to be blowing anyone's mind. It will be appropriate, however, to the overall theme for this model so hopefully that will count for something. Thanks again, Black Bard, it's great hearing from you!