Monday, December 27, 2010

Knights of Bal Timorea, Part 3

After taking the weekend off from painting I am back at it tonight trying to wrap things up on Sir Cumference, my entry for the Knights of Bal Timorea. I had hoped to already have him in the mail today so I now really need to finish pronto in order to make the Jan. 1st deadline. With that in mind I simply marked out a few dots onto the shield spaces to serve as a guide and then went for it, at last making my attempt at painting the heraldry. I'm not crazy about how they turned out but oh well, so much for consistency or quality. But more importantly, they're done... and yes, the design is supposed to be the letter pi. [cue the sad trombone] Whaa-whaa.

There are a few things left for me to touch up as well as some details still unpainted. The dragon on top of the knight's helmet has only received its initial coat, likewise the stones on the miniature's base. Oh and the horse needs some more attention but otherwise I suppose there's not that much left to paint after all. I went ahead and gave the cloth areas another wash of Badab Black to take away more of the blue tone and am now satisfied with the color. I'd like to finish painting the model tonight and then send him off on his way to California tomorrow afternoon. If not I'll try to find some time during the day to paint whatever remains undone. Looks like it could be a buzzer-beater... :)

My motivation to paint fizzled away since my previous update, the days having been spent with family enjoying Christmas. I nonetheless had several opportunities when I could have picked up a brush but just didn't have the enthusiasm needed to do so. My grandfather had been quite sick for the past couple of weeks and was in bad shape over the weekend before finally passing away late last night. I therefore found myself in a melancholy mood at times and not much inclined to paint. I don't want to dwell upon it now but I did feel moved to at least mention this as it has been weighing upon me.

It's been a sad day for my family but I believe it was cathartic and healthy. With my wife's consent of course, this evening I indulged in some perfectly timed escapism with my first viewing of Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie. In a day or so I'll likely throw together the obligatory review of the movie which every blogger is apparently required to write. I will say for now that it was just what I needed to get me out of my gloomy mood. Who can't smile when chainswords are chopping heads? After that it was very nice to sit down and begin painting again, my hobby mojo restored. I expect to be done with Sir Cumference by 5pm tomorrow at the latest and will then be ready to return to my regularly scheduled hobby projects.

Alright, that's all now... happy painting and gaming, everyone!


  1. Sir cumference....LOL :-D
    Very nice paintwork on him

  2. I saw pi, but it took your prompting to see the joke. I've been slower since Christmas.

    The overall effect is of mystery, of a cipher appearing from nowhere to do battle, and a deep and hidden significance. It's a good concept.

    Sorry to hear about your grandfather.

  3. hahahahahahahaha, pi as heraldry it's fantastic xD
    Just as Porky, I needed some time to see the joke, jojojo

    Nice one!

  4. @ Paul's Bods - Thank you very much, I'm glad you like the knight and that the joke wasn't too awful for you. Thanks!

    @ Porky - Haha, no worries Porky. I've been slowing down since long before Christmas. Thank you for so eloquently describing the noble Sir Cumference, the black knight of mathematics is indeed a figure of great mystery and like an irrational number, his questing goes on forever! :) Thanks Porky, I appreciate both your good cheer and warm condolences. Thank you.

    @ Nesbet - Thanks, Nesbet! I'm very happy you enjoyed the joke, I wasn't sure how well a math pun would serve as the basis for this project so I'm glad you guys got a laugh at least. :) Thank you, friend!!

  5. I am so sorry for your loss and my condolences go out to you and your family!

    Your knight looks great, I got my Knight finished I just need to post some pics of the final product. Good luck on your entry!

  6. Thank you, I am grateful for the support and kind words. That's great that you finished your knight, I'm excited to see the pictures. Awesome work! I ended up not getting much more painting done last night so I'm scrambling to get mine done... such drama! Thanks again, Meatball, I appreciate it a lot.

  7. Thanks, I appreciate that. Good to hear from you, coco GREEN!