Saturday, January 22, 2011

Combat Patrol at AdeptiCon - Chaos Marines

I finally realized the other night that there's no way I'm going to have enough time before Adepticon to paint a new force for the Combat Patrol event (rules can be found here but all pretty standard I think). I'm fairly confident getting my Dark Elves ready by then will take as much time as I can make available. Therefore I'm reluctantly putting aside my idea of painting a new couple of Raptors Legion squads for Combat Patrol and instead have reviewed my other options.

While my Necrons would require absolutely no work in order to be ready, I'm not terribly interested in playing them. It's the same situation for my Tyranids although I might take another look at them at some point just to try out potential lists. Imperial Guard would be fun but require much too much painting for consideration. My very old Orks might work alright but I'd have a very limited selection from which to choose. This means the assignment for the Combat Patrol mission falls to my Chaos Space Marines, the Beasts of Annihilation. All I'd need to do is paint seahorse chapter badges for 15 or so marines and one or two big seahorses for the Rhinos, plus some touchups here and there, and they would be done.

I still haven't gone back to work on this army after finally deciding last summer on a design for their chapter symbol, a little yellow seahorse. It was now more than ten years ago when I first began working on these Chaos Marines and so perhaps it will be the event at Adepticon that at last motivates me to finish such few details that remain. Also due to his group's inability to get organized before the big Team Tournament had sold out, DrGabe of DrGabe's Miniatures will also be playing in the same Combat Patrol event with me. Just in case I find myself matched against my longtime nemesis, I would enjoy using my Chaos Marines against him just like old times.

Knowing now that it's going to be my Chaos Space Marines, I've been working on some potential army lists I could use. It's been a struggle trying to hammer out something I like, but given the nature of the event, I'm not terribly worried about the effectiveness of my "army." Perhaps I'm mistaken but I don't see how you can take too seriously 400 point games of Combat Patrol. Sure I want to do as well as I can but I'm just looking for some fun rolling dice while possibly dealing with an Adepti-style hangover from the night before. With that understanding of my goals and expectations, here is the first set of lists I'm considering:

Patrol A (pictured above) - 400 points
5 Chosen Chaos Space Marines: plasma guns x 2, Rhino
10 Chaos Space Marines: Aspiring Champion, Icon of Chaos Glory, meltagun, missile launcher, Rhino w/Havoc missile launcher

Patrol B - 400 points
5 Chosen Chaos Space Marines: Aspiring Champion w/power weapon, plasma guns x 2, Rhino
10 Chaos Space Marines: meltagun, missile launcher, Rhino w/Havoc missile launcher

Patrol C - 400 points
5 Chosen Chaos Space Marines: plasma guns x 2, Rhino
10 Chaos Space Marines: Aspiring Champion, meltagun, lascannon, Rhino w/Havoc missile launcher

Patrol D - 400 points
5 Possessed Chaos Space Marines: Rhino
10 Chaos Space Marines: Aspiring Champion, meltagun, missile launcher, Rhino w/Havoc missile launcher

Patrol E - 400 points
5 Possessed Chaos Space Marines
5 Chaos Space Marines: Icon of Chaos Glory, plasma gun, Rhino w/Havoc missile launcher
5 Chaos Space Marines: meltagun, Rhino

Patrol F - 400 points
10 Chaos Space Marines: Aspiring Champion w/power weapon, Icon of Chaos Glory, meltagun, missile launcher, Rhino w/Havoc missile launcher
5 Khorne Berzerkers: Rhino

That's what I've come up with so far that I like but I'm sure there's many other variations I could devise. I don't know if I care enough to put much more time into this and at least now I have a sense of what I'll use to begin painting seahorses. I haven't seen anything about the actual missions that we'll play during the games but again I'm not too concerned about that sort of thing for Combat Patrol. There's only so much you can do with 400 points of Chaos Space Marines so for me it's not worth worrying over, I expect to have a good time regardless of the composition of my patrol group. That being said, I am really interested in case anyone else has thoughts or suggestions although I am limited by what is already in my Chaos collection. For the moment I'm favoring either Patrol A or Patrol B.

There are 69 days to go until Adepticon and still much to be done before then. Fun, fun, fun... happy gaming and painting, everyone!


  1. hello there,

    I'm inclined to come down on B. I think the power weapon may make the difference when it comes to the crunch. Also I would consider swapping the missile launcher for another meltagun (im not sure if they cost the same points though?). That way, the melta isnt restricted to a 12'' range by the missile launcher and it will free up the larger unit to assault en masse and still fire the assault weapons if you need to.

    Then again, I am a deathguard player so its all about the move and fire.

  2. Hi Musings of a Smurf, it's great hearing from you!

    I too would have preferred to double up on the melta but unfortunately lack of melta weapons is one of the areas this army really shows its age. The meltagun I included is now the only one I have left in the army. I used to have a separate Death Guard army from which I could borrow melta squads but I ended up giving that collection to DrGabe last Spring. For now I'm just hoping the constraints of playing Combat Patrol will limit somewhat the amount of tanks on the board. It's not much of a battle plan but it's the best I can do. :)

    Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out on this, I appreciate it a lot. Also I hope everything works out okay for you with all the real life turmoil, best wishes to you buddy. Thanks, Musings of a Smurf!!

  3. I'd go either B or F, as Smurf said, to have that power weapon. I'd probably lean more towards F to have an assault unit.

  4. Make sure you hit the "off" button on the plasma bazooka not the "snooze" button. Chaos is a good choice in terms of overwhelming fire power.

  5. Im thinking "B" as well, its all about move and shoot than stand around like a dummy and fire a missile launcher, and you have a havoc launcher as well fore more fire power, you must have a flamer unit some place swop the ML for a flamer or a plasma pistol for the champion?

  6. I like A becuase it is a good mix, lots of shooty, elite, but still a good count of models and weapons.

    But the world eater in me says F that! F! KillMaimBurn!

  7. I like every option except F, but then I've always found berzerkers a bit bland..! I really want to see those seahorses. If you've not done any before, you might look at how Space Wolves players paint the spirit wolf symbol.

  8. @ Thor - That power weapon does seem like it would be come in handy, I suspect anything that helps deny armour saves is going to be worthwhile considering the small number of models involved on each side. I'm a little hesitant to use the Berzekers as they very well might be the oldest miniatures in this army and are in somewhat rough shape. Nothing a little glue and some paint wouldn't fix but it's enough extra hassle to give me pause. Thanks very much Thor, I appreciate your input!

    @ Bartender - They really need to make those two buttons more distinct, it's so hard to tell the difference sometimes. It's a mistake that has lead to much wasted plasma. :) I hope my opponents are overwhelmed by the firepower rather than laughter and pity at my bad luck or poor generalship. This will be fun.... Thanks so much, Bartender!

    @ Derina - Ideally I hope to keep moving but, depending on the opponent or mission, I can foresee a situation in some opportune ranged fire might be appropriate. I'm just not sure what to expect really. There's certainly always a use for hot, burning promethium! Thanks for the tactical advice, Derina, I really appreciate it a lot!

    @ CounterFett - I do like the variety of options found in that first patrol group, it seems like it would be a good mix of things to keep me happy. You do make a very persuasive case however for including some Berzerkers. Thanks for the help, CounterFett!!

    @ Porky - I've only painted one seahorse so far onto an actual Chaos Marine as a test of the design. This was however sometime last summer so it has been a long time since I worked out my technique. I appreciate the tip about the spirit wolf symbol, I'll have to find out more about that. I think I know what you mean about Berzerkers, although you'd be hard pressed to find this particular Berzerker at all bland:

    Depending on your familiarity with American beer commercials, that may or may not make too much sense for you. Nonetheless it still makes me laugh. :) Thank you very much for sharing your insight with me, best wishes Porky!

  9. I'd never seen him in that light, but there's no doubt he's got a lot going for him..! The exception that proves the rule I guess.

  10. Haha! True indeed. :) I thought you with your flair for entertaining links would at least have some fun with that one. Take care, friend!

  11. I also likes option B. Good luck with your worshippers of the dark gods!

  12. Thanks Abhorash, that's the way I'm leaning now too. Hopefully Tzeentch will be kind to them, they've had sort of rough going in the past. Maybe that means they're due for some good luck, I'd like to think so at least. Thank very much, Abhorash!!

  13. So here is what I think you'll have to deal with in the tournament-
    A. IG with Chimeras with Melta Vets inside.
    B. SW with Long Fang ML's

    Right now A & B seems to be your best bet. I don't think that melta nor LC are 'all' that needed due to the AV restrictions in place. Meltas some time are still the weapon of choice because of its cheap cost.

    But seeing how I am your Nemesis, I'll offer no further words on your list. :)
    On a serious note- I am still torn between a boring IG/Chimera, Scout Marines, or Nurgle list. At 400 points you get to make some serious choices.

  14. That sounds like a solid analysis, thanks! I'm just not sure how much I can trust you at this point... Hehe. ;) I was thinking the same thing about at least not having to worry about cracking anything above AV12. In such a case though I thought it might be nice to have a melta or LC along to make knocking out those transports a little closer to a sure thing. The only downside I'm seeing to using my Aspiring Champion with the power weapon is that I don't like that particular model as much. Otherwise I think Patrol B is now my favorite option as I usually prefer my leader having some sort of cool weapon just to set him apart from the other guys. Thanks again for the input, DrGabe! Good luck deciding which group to take, I think those all sound like they would be fun choices.

  15. I dont have a coded in front of me... but with list B can you drop the ML and add another Havoc ML to the first Rhino? Maybe having a ML in a 10 man CSM squad will work for you... perhaps you will have to hold down an objective, but they never work for me.

  16. Unfortunately I've only got one Rhino at the moment with a Havoc ML so I don't anticipate being able to make such a change to the list. I'm trying to avoid putting much more time into these guys as my Dark Elf project is now progressing much more slowly than I had hoped it would. I know laziness and apathy do not make such a good approach from a competitive point of view but that's about the best I can muster for now.... Yep, I'm still the same ol' slacker at heart! :) Like you I also really don't see a whole lot of value in taking a 10-man Chaos Marine squad just to get access to the normal missile launcher. There might be some more switching around of special or heavy weapons that I can do to better make use of my points. I did think it might be useful to have at least a little anti-tank to fire at range should the opportunity present itself but I do wonder how much that squad would be sitting still to even allow me to take those shots. Hmmm, I suppose this is going to take some more consideration.... Thanks, DrGabe!

  17. Hey bub! My band Crusader will be playing a show the weekend of Adepticon, in Lombard too! we're gonna try and get as many people as we can from the convention to the show. Metal with 40K/Fantasy themes? hell yeah!

    Hope you're well man!

  18. Hell yeah!! Count me in for sure, that's great news. Wow, I'm really psyched about getting to see you guys live... awesome! Crusader is going to destroy Lombard. Thanks so much for the heads-up about the show, let me know about details as you get things nailed down. Woo! METAL!!!!

  19. No problemo matey! i'll make sure you get a shirt :) Spread the word too!

  20. I'd be happy to help get the word out, thanks man! I've been practicing throwing up horns today just to make sure I still can... \m/ Yep, still got it. Thanks again!

  21. Everyone says B... Nah, Rock out with E. MSU armies have done very well at Combat Patrol over there years.

    I think in your post you said you don't have a a second Rhino, but if you did or could borrow for one... I'd drop the plaama for a melta, ditch the icon, and have both Rhino's with havoks

  22. Thanks, anonymous! Having an additional unit to move around does seem like it could be really useful at this point level, perhaps more so than the big 10-strong Marine unit with a heavy weapon. I do have a second Rhino, but I am limited with only a single Havoc missile launcher and a single meltagun. I imagine it would probably be fairly easy to add a Havoc to the second Rhino but now I don't know if I will have the time to even do something simple like that. I do appreciate your suggestions, I'll keep 'em in mind when I finally get down to working on these guys. Thank you!