Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Painting Notes for Raptors

Following on from last night's post about using this blog as a place to keep my painting notes, I'd now like to revisit those Raptors marines I started on last December. I foresee working on them intermittently all year long and beyond as I've decided for this army project my goal will be to collect and paint an entire Battle Company of the Raptors Legion. I expect this will take me a long time to complete, making this record of how I've chosen to paint them rather important for me to keep updated.

I haven't worked on these guys in almost a month (last seen here) and likely won't get back to them for another couple of months more as I really need to begin devoting my hobby time to WHFB. Adepticon is fast approaching and only today did I at last settle on what army I will be working on for the 1000 point Fantasy tournament for which I've registered. Once I have finished my Frog Fighters, I'm going to put everything else on hold while I focus in on the square-based side of life. Therefore lest I forget how I painted the first members of my Raptors Legion, here then are my painting notes for them:

Basecoat: Color Primer Army Green
Power Armor: Devlan Mud (twice), drybrush of Traitor Green, edge highlight sparingly with Thrall Flesh, Orange Rust weathering powder
Equipment: Thamar Black, Greatcoat Grey
Auspex Screen: Gnarls Green, Iosan Green, Wurm Green, thin lines of Morrow White
Eye Lenses: Iyanden Darksun, Moldy Ochre, Sulfuric Yellow, Gryphonne Sepia, dot of Morrow White
Chest Eagle and Weaponry: Boltgun Metal, Badab Black, Mithril Silver
Name Plate: Tin Bitz, Dwarf Bronze, Shining Gold, Devlan Mud
Purity Seal Wax: Mechrite Red, Skorne Red, Khador Red Base, Leviathan Purple
Purity Seal Parchment: Hammerfall Khaki, Menoth White Highlight, Morrow White, (Am I missing a wash here? I think it might have been Gryphonne Sepia.)
Skin: Tallarn Flesh, Ogryn Flesh, Midlund Flesh, Ryn Flesh
Base: thinned Umbral Umber, heavy drybrush of Bootstrap Leather, light dryrbrush of 'Jack Bone
Base Edge: Scorched Brown

As I discussed above, I will soon be turning my attention to Warhammer Fantasy. I need to try my best to make up for all the time I lost the last few months while vacillating over what army I'd want to take with me to the tournament. I'm starting from scratch with an all new army and I haven't played any games of Fantasy in years, at least as far back as sometime before 7th edition. This means there is indeed much to be done so this project is going to have to be my top priority. But I will talk more about these plans in the days to come, for now I just want to get back to painting my space frogs. Goodnight!


  1. Which company are you thinking of building?

  2. Hopefully now that you have made your choice and picked something you want to devote the time and resources too, the rest will come easily (ie the build and paint).

    Look forward to tracking this new venture - is it going to have another Simpsons theme?


  3. I spent a lot of time helping "Mr J" with photos from IA 2 & 9 as well as stats, me I'm waiting on IA 10 to arrive here.

    Looking good "Mr. J"

  4. @ GDMNW - I'm not sure yet which company I'll choose for my army. Another of the Badab group, Boomstick over at, is working on the Raptors' 4th company so I know I want to do one of the others. I've read through all the info on Lexicanum but am waiting to see what info there is about them in the Imperial Armour books concerning which Raptors companies were present for the campaign. I'm leaning toward 5th company but will look into it more before making a decision, and I'm also open to any suggestions or advice. Thanks, GDMNW, I appreciate the interest!

    @ Rogue Pom - I feel good about at least getting to this point, I can't tell you how many times I went back and forth trying to choose which army to go for. I'm ready to throw myself into this and am excited about giving Fantasy another try after so much time away from the game. Because of that reason, however, and the limited time I have to get ready for the tournament I decided to make this a fairly standard army project. Nothing fancy, I just thought I should take more of a learners' approach for now.

    I do have ideas for one Simpsons-themed fantasy army but it would have involved some time consuming conversions and a rather involved paint scheme. I'm therefore saving that for later down the road as I try to keep thing simple for now. I will definitely return to these early plans for a GIANT-sized Homer once I'm feeling more comfortable with Fantasy and am ready for another army.

    Thanks so much, Rogue Pom, I hope you're doing great!

    @ Derina - Yes indeed, I am so grateful for the tremendous help you've been and for all the effort you've contributed to keeping me sane while I wait for my Forge World order. Seriously this would have driven me nuts had you not been willing to answer my many questions. Thanks, Derina! I do plan on using those photos you took for me, last night I just wanted to get this posted as quickly as I could so that I could get back to painting. Thanks again, Derina, you're awesome!!!

  5. Mud ink is amazing. Excellent Progress so far. I like the idea of a simpsons army. Homer would be a cool miniature! There was a cool role play game years back with werewolves and other beasts. Instead a vampire hunter , Steve irwin was the hero.

  6. Lol! :) It was only a short while ago that I realized how fantastic Devlan Mud truly is. I now have a hard time resisting the urge to just use it on anything and everything. It's only a matter of time I suppose before I start a Simpsons army for Warhammer fantasy. I've got two I'm working on for 40k, one of which is underway but paused while the other is still mostly in the concept stage. Nonetheless I'd be the happiest man on Earth if a genuine Homer Simpson miniature were released. Ahhh... a man can dream. It's always a pleasure to hear from you, Bartender, thank you so much!

  7. Any luck with forge world? ... Now the post office is fracking me around with my book 10.

  8. Still no package and no word back from forge world either. I suppose that means they'll go ahead and do the refund but that hasn't happened yet either. Sorry to hear you haven't gotten your book either. This is an unfortunate delay for both of us, in my case I've decided to switch gears to fantasy for the time being. I hope your new book arrives soon, thanks Derina!

  9. I added an update on the construction

  10. Thanks for the update, Derina, the tank looks really good so far.

  11. Got my book... and its one of the 500 signed copys.

  12. Fantastic news! Congrats on getting such a hot item, that's awesome!