Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Deepstrike Radio's Queensland Flood Relief

I saw the info for this charitable effort yesterday over at Sons of Taurus and wanted to repost it here to help get the word out. This is just a copy/paste job so if you want either more details or to make a paypal donation, all of that can be found at Deepstrike Radio. Here's the basics, though:

"In wake of the 2011 Queensland Floods, Deepstrike Radio is launching it’s first Flood Appeal. With an estimated $30 Billion damage bill, 18 dead at time of writing, and some 17,900 houses dramatically damaged, it is the least we can do.

Our appeal will happen in two stages:

1) Accepting donations of Space Marine boxed sets and money. Any money received will be used to build Space Marine army force together with donated box sets.

Donations can be made either through our paypal donation button (located on the front page) or if you are contributing a box set – email and we will provide you with a postal address. Donations will be accepted until 30 Jan 2011.

2) Combined Space Marine army force will be put onto eBay on 1 February for you to bid on. This army will come unpainted so that you can choose which chapter you want to have, however, Dave Taylor ( will paint a Space Marine Captain in a chapter scheme of your choice for a Centrepiece model. Awesome!

As an incentive to donate, we are able to announce that we will be giving away books signed by both Dan Abnett and Graham McNeill to the person that donates the highest amount to this appeal.

All proceeds raised will go the Queensland Flood Appeal.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us:

Big thanks must go to Dan Abnett, Graham McNeill and Dave Taylor."

I hope Deepstrike Radio is able to raise lots of money with this relief drive. The people affected by this disaster definitely need help so check it out if you think there's someway you can contribute. Thanks, everyone!


  1. You're very welcome for the formula. Only thing I add, is use the best tasting butter you have. I like organic but there are other butters that aren't that work well, too.

    Happy caramel popcorn making.

  2. Right on, thanks Happy Whisk! I hope to give it a try as early as this weekend and appreciate all the advice and help I can get. I will be sure to use the best butter I can find, thanks!!

  3. I know a few aussies and it's all hell over there. This is needed.

  4. You could fit half of Europe into the submerged part of Australia. The weather has been extreme in the ik this winter.

  5. @ watchman - I hope your Australian friends are all okay and have not been affected by this. It's very sad. Thanks, watchman.

    @ Bartender - Wow... that is stunning. Beyond even the direct cost in lives and property, I can't imagine how disruptive this must be for so many people. I hope they are able to recover quickly from this. I've also been worried about you good folks in the UK as well, these are indeed wild times. Take care, Bartender!

  6. JJ: Thanks for the repost. I'll try to stick it in my rotation this week, too.

  7. Very cool, I'm sure it would help more people find out. Thanks so much, Loquacious!