Monday, January 10, 2011

The Invasion Begins

Hurry! Hurry!

Leave everything behind, there's no time to spare!

Get as far away from the coast as you can...

The Dark Elves will be here soon.

Or if not soon, then hopefully in time for Adepticon at least. New army project starts tomorrow. :)


  1. Woa! New army? Cool!
    Tell us why you choosed DE!

    And of course, let there be pics! LOTS OF THEM! xD


  2. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more about this new army :)

  3. @ Nesbet - No problem, I will be happy to discuss what lead me to choose the Dark Elves. I had planned on writing tonight about my reasons for choosing them but decided it was already too late for me to start that. I'll be sure to do that and take plenty of pictures too along the way too. Thank you so much for taking an interest, I'm sure I will have questions about Fantasy so it's good to know help is available. Thanks, Nesbet!

    @ Meatball - Since I'm starting this Dark Elf army from scratch I thought it could be interesting to document the progress I make and my experiences learning to play with it. It's been a long time since I played Fantasy as well so hopefully my learning pains will make for entertaining reading. And please don't hesitate to say something if you have any advice, recommendations, etc. for me. Thank you very much, Meatball!

  4. Would be great to see the army come along! Also, DElf is currently a very strong army list, making it not only possible to play a fluffy list, but one that is powerful.

  5. This sounds promising. Very promising!

    I think a blogumentary is exactly what's needed here!

  6. I'm also intrigued as to why you chose this army, and look forward to hearing that too. You found the right pic to whet the appetite!

  7. What's your army theme? Lots of Monsters? Repeater Crossbows? Giant Lizard Riders?
    I haven't looked at Fantasy in a few years and even longer since I've looked at the Dark Elf list, but many years ago my primary opponent played DE (against my skaven). They had lots of speed, decent ability to thin out armor, and some nice combat units. But it was the monsters that I liked the best.

  8. Cool, look forward to seeing what you do!

  9. Dark elves!! I look forward to this..elves are ok but dark elves are great...
    I like the idea of being an itchy blog...Thanks:-)

  10. @ enrgie - It's a relief to know that I am not handicapping myself from the beginning by not choosing one of the weaker army books available. I have a feeling I'm going to need all the help I can get so I'm glad I'll have a good selection of troops with which to work. Thanks, enrgie!

    @ GDMNW - Lol, I'll do my best on that. :) I want to go into a fair amount of depth with the army and the choices this project will present. Hopefully it will be interesting to document the process and provide some entertainment as well, even if it's just so that you guys can laugh at my mistakes. Thank you for the encouragement, GDMNW!

    @ Porky - I managed to prolong making this decision far more that I needed to though I do feel very good about my eventual choice in army. I'll be sure to explain in an upcoming post some of the thought process I went through to arrive at this new army. I was having such a difficult time making up my mind that for a time I even considered putting the decision up for a vote. I'm happy with my choice though and am thankful you guys are interested in seeing this project come together as well. Thank you very much, Porky!

    @ DrGabe - I still haven't quite figured out what direction or theme I want to focus on with this army. I've got a few ideas but I don't think I have a strong enough sense yet of the army to know what the end product will be exactly. I really enjoy painting monsters however so I'm sure they will be represented in my Druchii force.

    I actually bought the War Hydra model about a year ago just to work on it for fun so you can expect to see him showing up in my army. Otherwise I'm still sorting things out. Thanks for checking in, DrGabe, I hope you and the family are all doing well. Take care, buddy... see you at Adepticon!

    @ sonsoftaurus - Fantastic! No doubt there will be plenty of Dark Elf chatter coming from me for the next couple of months at least. I hope there will be some interesting things along the way for me to show off to you guys. Thanks for all the support, sonsoftaurus!

    @ Paul's Bods - Right on, Paul! I'm always willing to move anyone's blog to one of the other entirely arbitrary categories should either of those options seem more appealing. I do however try to let my intuition guide the distribution process. I'm very glad to know you're happy as one of the Itchy blogs. :) Thanks so much, Paul, it's great hearing from you!

  11. Have you thought of using the 40k Wytchs (or whatever they are called) for your fantasy army Witch Elves?

  12. Dark Elves are to Warhammer what Steve Irwin was to crocodiles! Looking forward to it!

  13. @ Derina - Thanks for the suggestion! Just the other day I was looking at those pieces and the ones for the new Dark Eldar warriors to see if there was anything I could use. I might try out some head swaps but I'm not sure if I will attempt anything more dramatic than that. Hmm... I need to look more closely at those kits. Thank you, Derina!

    @ Bartender - Hahahahahaha! A true classic. :) Thanks so much for the awesome laugh, Bartender!

  14. Ok, how are you going to get Simpsons out of THAT? =p kidding! I hope you enjoy them and look forward to hearing all about your adventures.

  15. It did occur to me that this is sort of an abrupt change of pace from my usual fare of silliness. You never can be sure however that Dreadlord Bartholomew, mounted atop his cold one Khaine's Little Helper, won't show up at some point. Oh no, do you see what you've done? :) Thanks, Loquacious!!