Friday, March 4, 2011

28 Days to AdeptiGlory

With AdeptiCon now just four weeks away, the big push is on to have everything ready in time. There's still much to be done for the events in which I'm registered, but I do have a relatively open weekend on my hands so hopefully I can get a lot accomplished over the next couple of days. The 1000 point Dark Elf army will be my primary focus as the other projects are much further along and should only take a couple more nights of painting to be finished. With the Dark Elves however the project has been mired in the assembly phase so my current goal is to have them built and prepped for painting by the end of the weekend.

Here then is a run down of where I'm at with these Dark Elves, what's been built and what still needs to be glued together:

- Dark Elf Sorceress on Cold One
- Dark Elf Assassin
- 5 Dark Elf Shades
- 5 Harpies
- Dark Elf War Hydra and Beastmasters
- 8 Dark Elf Crossbowmen

- 4 additional Dark Elf Crossbowmen
-15 Dark Elf Corsairs
- 5 Dark Elf Cold One Knights

There are some more Dark Elf models that I'll eventually work on but those listed above are the minimum needed for the upcoming tournament. I don't want to get my hopes up too much but I might even be able to start painting before the weekend is over. I haven't decided yet on a color scheme and likely won't have time for any test minis to paint so that could be problematic. I'll worry about that later however as I've got enough to keep me busy for now. In fact it's time for me to get back to it and return to the knives and glue. I hope everyone has a great weekend of gaming, painting, and modeling fun... take care, friends!


  1. Will you get them painted on time or is the deadline which helps you get them painted because they have to be done?

  2. Good luck! Know you can pull it out!

  3. I'd advise you not to put the Sorceress on a Cold One. If she fails the Stupidity test, you will be hurting.

  4. @ The Angry Lurker - That's a good question and one I've been wondering about too. I have noticed from keeping this blog that I do kind of enjoy having deadlines like this as extra motivation to get the painting done. Otherwise I tend to drift from project to project without making a lot of sustained progress on any of them. At least that's my sense of it, hopefully I haven't let this one get too far past though. Thank you, Angry Lurker!

    @ sonsoftaurus - I always appreciate the encouragement, thanks! I do feel a lot more confident now that I've got time again to work on this bunch. Thank you, sonsoftaurus!

    @ Nikephoros - Right on, thank you for the feedback! Funnily enough it was actually from reading your blog that I first became aware of the dangers involved in having a Sorceress mounted on a Cold One. Further I see how even more disastrous it could be with the 1000 point list I'm working on since that Sorceress will be my army's general as well. As you point out, one failed Stupidity test would indeed be very bad news. :(

    My initial reason for having the Cold One mount was purely because I really like the miniature and it is one I've been wanting to paint for a long time. Now however I'm concerned about the time left to get everything ready before Adepticon and will therefore likely just go with what I already have. If I do end up with some extra time I will look into painting another Sorceress to swap for the one riding the Cold One.

    I plan on posting my army list for the tournament soon, perhaps this weekend, and would really appreciate you taking a look at it. As with the Sorceress I don't know how much I can change things around due to running out of time but would still be grateful for any suggestions you have. I intend on sticking with the Dark Elves well beyond Adepticon and will be adding to the army for some time to come.

    Thank you very much, Nikephoros. Your writing on Dark Elves and Fantasy in general has been really helpful and informative for me, I appreciate you sharing your experience and the lessons you've learned. I recommend anyone interested who sees this should check out your blog, Bringer of Victory (http:// Thanks!

  5. Go for it. :) looks like will be tough but make a big effort.

  6. So what happes if you put the mounted Sorceress with a unit of cold ones that have a banner that helps you pick the dice for the stupid test?

    Happy Birthday Mr J.

    Shiny purple or dull pruple wash for the cold ones?

  7. @ Zenos - Thanks, man! However it turns out I'll at least have given it my best shot. And I do enjoy the challenge, too, even if I had never intended to make it quite so great. Should be an interesting month... Thank you, Zenos!

    @ Derina - Thank you very much, I really appreciate that. It definitely has been a great birthday! :)

    Interesting idea about the magic banner, that does sound like it would mitigate considerably the potential danger of having your Sorceress wander off. My concern however is that it would mean you've got even more points committed in order to have a mounted T3 model with two Wounds. I plan on eventually having a fair number of Sorceresses in my collection so I'm not too worried about what to do this early on.

    Hmmm, dull or shiny? I don't know... I typically go for dull but maybe shiny would look good on those beasts. I say trust your instincts on this one. Thanks, Derina!