Thursday, March 17, 2011

AdeptiCheck - 2 Weeks Out

At long last I have finished assembling my Dark Elves. Well, almost... I have about a dozen more Cold One Knight bits left to clean and attach tonight but after that I will have more than 1250 points of Dark Elves built. Phew! Tomorrow if the weather cooperates with me I'll prime the minis and can then finally begin painting. That leaves two weeks to paint as many of the 50 or so models as I can before the tournament begins on the morning of April 1st. Oh and I'll need to travel to the event in Illinois as well so it's really twelve painting days left to go. Noooooo problem.

Considering last year I painted approximately 30 miniatures total, the prospects of showing up the morning of the 1st with a fully painted army seems to me rather unlikely. I am however very keen on finding out just what I can do in the time remaining. The tournament has a three-color minimum painting standard which I suppose must be my first concern. I'm not used to this sort of approach to painting but I think it could be helpful to shake things up a bit and deviate from my usual routine. Regardless it's worth a shot at the very least as I am still quite eager to play in the tournament and this should make for an interesting experiment.

My schedule at AdeptiCon has changed however in the last several days as I will no longer be playing in the 40k Combat Patrol event on Saturday morning. Instead I have been recruited by a desperate group of gamers in need of a fourth for the WH40k Team Tournament, billed by AdeptiCon as their "flagship" event, whatever that means. What it means to me is getting to spend the entire day rolling dice with DrGabe and a couple other pals from the Midwest. They're taking care of the armies that we'll be using, the display board, and the team beverages so all I have to do really is show up prepared to make a long series of what will surely be poor command decisions. Neat! I was scheduled to attend several seminars that afternoon but I'm more excited about playing in the team tournament after watching some of the action last year.

With little time to prepare the guys have been scrambling to sort out what type of army lists we can play in the tournament and what projects or details would remain depending on these choices. I have been fortunately spared from any such responsibilities and will continue to put whatever time I have toward working on my Dark Elves. Now that the opportunity for actual painting has arrived, I do hope to post more frequent updates as we get closer to the start of AdeptiCon. That's it for now though as I need to finish building those Cold One Knights. Happy gaming, everyone!


  1. Can I sugest you invest in a can of AP dip I used this to good effect and painted 290 celts in 28 days. But hopefully your Dark Elves will do better at their comp that my Celts did.
    I did a tutorial about using AP dip to paint Imp guard its on my blog under the label tutorial
    Peace James (good luck)

  2. "This is Serious!" (spoken in a heavy lisp)
    Parents of small children will get that, all others just think I'm mad.

    Dude, you better get to work on those DE's! Paint, paint, paint! I agree with James on the Army Painter and dip method. In fact, I have a small tutorial on how I did the dipping method:

    We are going to have a blast at the team tournament! The losers bracket is way more fun than the winners bracket. Just keep telling yourself that. :)

  3. Of course we're all expecting you to paint to a golden demon level of quality...

    I've never tried it, but I'd suggest taking James' advice & try the Army Painter method.

  4. Let's save the Hydra! Let's save the Hydra! Let's save the Hyyyyyddrrraa!

    Spray primary color, pick out other colors, drybrush, wash or dip, base.

    Good luck!

  5. Wow!!! so many models, in 2 weeks!?
    MADNESS!!! (at least for me xD)

    I wish you the best of luck, I really hope you can achieve that goal. GOGOGO PAPAJJ!!

    Cheers! ;D

  6. @ James Brewerton - Oh wow! That's a lot of celts to paint in four weeks, I am very impressed. Thank you for the recommendation about the Army Painter dip. I've seen some great results from the dip method but have not tried it out myself. I'm tempted to use it on these Dark Elves although I haven't quite made up my mind yet. I'll definitely check out your tutorial and appreciate the advice. Thank you very much, James B!

    @ DrGabe - I'm really looking forward to the Team Tournament, I have a feeling the worse we do the more fun we'll have... at least we can tell ourselves that. ;) Thanks again for asking me to join the team, dude! Thanks also for the tutorial link and the info about dip, I will have to decide soon what to do. Take care, DrGabe!

    @ Da Masta Cheef - Golden Demon, eh? Uh oh... I hope you handle disappoint well. :) Thanks, Cheef!

    @ sonsoftaurus - Hahaha! It will be a very special episode if the Wonder Pets ever have to visit Naggaroth! As for the suggested painting method, that does sound like a good formula for some fast results. Thank you, sonsoftaurus!

    @ Nesbet - Madness indeed, wooo!!! :) Thanks, Nesbet!

  7. You sir...are mad! Good luck with this painting challenge! If you are successful, you will have to add it to the title of your blog "Dice Rolla, mad speed painta!"

  8. Lol! At this point it would be more like "Dice Rolla, miracle worka!" :) Thank you, Black Bard!!

  9. I tried to do something similar for a local tourney (not that many models but a fairly good amount of 30 or so marines) and I failed miserably :P Only thing I managed to finish was Sergeant Telion, but I'm happy with him :) Good luck m8 !

  10. Haha! That makes me feel better because so far I haven't gotten very much painted either. Whatever I end up with by tournament time will be okay though as I am enjoying the experience and know I can look forward to more painting beyond just the next week. Thank you very much, Mihalis!