Thursday, March 24, 2011

Painting Underway on Dark Elves

One more week until the 1000 point Fantasy tournament at AdeptiCon and there's still quite a lot left to paint. After my last update it ended up taking a few evenings to prepare all of the bases, something I had forgotten about when writing my previous post. (D'oh!) Unfavorable weather then prevented me from priming anything until Tuesday, and lastly I chose to spend that night cleaning my painting desk of the detritus from the past four months of hobby projects. So it was not until yesterday's nap time before I belatedly commenced painting my Dark Elves. With brush in hand however whatever stress I had started to feel over this project went away and I'm really quite happy to see just what I can get done in the time remaining.

I don't expect to have my army painted to what would normally be my finished standard. I plan on sticking with this army for a long time past AdeptiCon and so I don't feel any pressure to significantly change up my approach due to worry over how much time is left before the tournament. That's why I have decided against the dip method as was kindly suggested to me by James Brewerton among other commenters. I'm really impressed with the results from that technique, it's just not what I would choose were time not a concern for me for this army. I'm content to finish painting whatever is left after the event as I already am making plans for the next 1000 points of Dark Elves.

So after my first day and a half of painting I have my Sorceress general almost fully painted and a unit of five Harpies not complete but good enough to use next Friday. Tonight I'll start on my unit of Shades and hope to have them and the War Hydra painted by Saturday morning. That would leave me one day each to work on the Crossbowmen, Corsairs, and Cold One Knights before hitting the road next week. But will they all be done by that point? Almost assuredly the answer to that is no. DrGabe anticipates helping me finish painting my Dark Elves the night before the tournament, and truly I would hate to disappoint the good doctor. :) Oh and I want to make a display board too so add that to the list as well. Hmmm, I might just have to get that one done during stops along the road.

Okay, I've got minis to paint... happy gaming, everyone!


  1. Glad I could be of help, I know its not to every taste but you will be suprised what results you can get with the dip. Looking forward to seeing how you do with your painting and how you go on at the comp
    Peace James

  2. Thanks, James! The minis I've seen painted that way definitely look great and the info you have on your blog about dipping was really helpful for me. I'm interested in experimenting with the dip but am content to wait for another project after this one. The limited time I have left to paint these guys has sort of liberated me from worrying beyond just getting the minimum done, like I don't even have time for time-savers! ;) Thanks again James, I appreciate hearing from you!

  3. Lovely work you've done there, I'd be happy with them, use the inking/wash method myself but just brush it on, nice job.

  4. Keep at it Papps - I'm sure you (and the good Doctor) will manage to get them done in time. I like your approach re the washes. While it would give you a quick result, you are saving yourself more time in the long run doing them how you want, rather than taking a shortcut that you might need to reverse later.

  5. Papa, They are looking great! I hope you get them finished on time!

  6. Looks good so far. Are you wanting fully complete models or models with all the base-coats done for the tournament? If its fully completed you my friend, have some late nights ahead!!
    Good luck painting, and if you have time, post some shots of the units under "construction"

  7. /Face Palm! :)

    Thursday night is goingto be a blast. Looks like it will be Adepticon painting party at the room! Awesome!

    The elves are off to a great start. I know you dont have the modles tonthe level you want but I can see where you are going it's gonna be great. Especially for Adepticon 2012!

  8. @ The Angry Lurker - Thank you, sir! I appreciate that very much. :)

    @ Rogue Pom - Thanks, Pom! At first I had thought about taking some shortcuts I normally wouldn't, like a simple flocking of the bases, but then decided I'd rather end up with the army I want a little later than to rush things for a couple more appearance points in the tournament. I think I will be considerably happier this way, especially once AdeptiCon is over.... Thank you, Rogue Pom!

    @ Meatball - Right on, thank you! I'm still cranking along but with a new painting mantra. "Three color minimum. Three color minimum. Three color minimum...." Thanks, Meatball!

    @ Black Bard - Thank you! Indeed just to get the first set of colors on I expect is going to take some late nights. Unfortunately I'm already realizing I don't have quite the post-midnight painting stamina that I used to a few years ago. I'll get some more photos posted soon although there's not much to show for yesterday's efforts... sleep was simply too necessary for my weary bones. :) Thank you, Black Bard!!

    @ DrGabe - Hahaha! Isn't it nice of me to plan out and take over all of your vacation free time? I'm happy though that you're looking forward to it, I think it's gonna be a lot of fun. At this point all I really care about is making the painting requirements so that I can play in the tournament, anything more than that is bonus. Thanks, DrG, see you in a few days!