Monday, March 7, 2011

Flashbacks and Nightmares: Stone Trolls

Since the new Orcs and Goblins book was just released this weekend, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at one of my old O&G units, a mob of Stone Trolls. I don't remember exactly when I painted these but suspect it was around the mid to late 1990s. Along with being influenced by the more colorful period of Games Workshop's stylistic history, apparently I was also in a rather experimental mood when painting them. I wanted to do something different from the norm for Stone Trolls, which I'd say I achieved handily, though whether the results were worth it or not I leave for you to judge. While I am fond of these miniatures in a nostalgic way, my assessment of them leans more toward hideous....

Now for a closer look at the individual trolls... yikes! I do however like those bases right down to the classic Goblin Green edges.

This mob of Stone Trolls is lead by an Orc Big Boss but I'm not sure if that would still be allowed by today's rules. I admit to really liking this miniature and think it's a good example of the outright silliness that used to be fairly common in GW designs at the time.

So that's it for this look at some of my old miniatures, I hope you enjoyed it. I really admire creative and innovative color schemes but there is a certain risk when straying from the tried and tested. Not every experiment can be a success, after all. Nonetheless I do like these trolls but if I had to paint them over again I would likely go with a more conventional approach. I would not, however, change a thing on the Big Boss as I especially like the brightly colored skulls on his wrist and orange belt buckle. The sides of his bracelet which you can't see in these pictures have a green skull facing to the right and a red one looking back. Taste the rainbow!

As evidenced by these pictures, this was my first attempt at using a lightbox photo studio thing. Along with getting some brighter lights there's obviously still much for me to learn regarding miniatures photography. It is my good fortune then that just earlier today I saw Nesbet of Nesbet Miniatures has posted what looks to be a very helpful tutorial on this exact subject. Part 1 of the tutorial even has instructions for making your own portable lightbox and photo studio. Awesome! Part 2 looks at correcting common mistakes made when photographing miniatures, and Part 3 is about photo editing. Good stuff if you're interested in that sort of thing... thanks, Nesbet!


  1. Oh my goodness. These are very fun.

  2. I like em...the last one (with the hammer) reminds me of someone :-D

  3. I still love those old models. That generation of the orcs and goblins has a magic about it. I realise late I prefer the Warhammer world with a faint silliness.

  4. What!!! No cute pooch photos?!!!

    The stone trolls stood the test of time. Superb models. I do miss the cartooniness of the old GW models especially the bloodbowl goblins.

  5. Come on Jason get on with the Dark Elves. (Passes whip to Mr J's wife)

  6. I have a few of those trolls in a box by my painting table along with a few slann
    Peace James

    BTW nice blog (new follower)

  7. @ The Happy Whisk - Excellent, I'm glad you like 'em. Thanks!

    @ Paul's Bods - Haha, thank you!

    @ Porky - I'm with you, Porky, those models had a really distinct charm to them. And were it not for that period of levity for the O&G, would there ever have been things like the Doom Diver or Squiq Hoppers? Thank you very much, Porky!

    @ Bartender - Sorry to disappoint you, I'll be sure to take some new photos. :) They are certainly some characterful models and I believe would be just as much fun to paint today as when they were new. The Blood Bowl goblins will forever have a special place in my heart, they were my favorite team. Great fun! I have a few lying around to be painted, I might form a team sometime later. Wonderful to hear from you Bartender, thank you!

    @ Derina - Hahaha! I know, I know... back to work. Thanks, Derina!

    @ James Brewerton - I'm sure you will have a good time painting your trolls. Even though I chose a funky paint scheme I do remember really enjoying working on them. Thanks, James!

    And thank you very much for taking an interest in my blog as well, I appreciate it!

  8. Wonderful, thank you! They are some funky little monsters, I like I 'em. :) Thanks, Whisk!

  9. Hey, I've been thinking about these trolls for a couple of days now.
    You should really consider doing an entire O&G army. You already have the basics covered you know... :)

  10. Ah... funny you should mention that. As it so happens I actually do have plans for an O&G army and will be making the official announcement very soon. I'm much too slow of a painter to ever get through a project like that however so I've recruited a chump, I mean a friend, to do the painting for me. ;) Hehehe.

  11. Chump? I see how its gonna be... :)

  12. Wait, buddy. That came out totally wrong. What I meant was CHAMP, like you're a champion painter or something. Yeah, that's the ticket... champ. See you in a couple weeks, Gabe!