Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Loved In China

Until last night our vacation was going well despite the lack of getting any additional sleep than what I would normally expect. I did however get piss-drunk last night with my brother-in-law while playing Army of Two (great game!!) and as a result I am currently residing in marital purgatory... I feel pretty awful about it and am also more hung-over than I have been in more than a year. As much fun as I had, it's just not worth it.

As a special bonus to what I am feeling I have also been watching CNN's coverage of the Michael Jackson memorial. This hagiography of MJ is really making me sick. There must be something terribly perverse about our culture to so elevate a person such as he. I hope that this is another case of the media existing within it's own bubble but I suspect that there is in fact a significant portion of the world's population which has been genuinely moved by this death of a pop-musician celebrity. It seems to me pathetic. Perhaps I would be more sympathetic if I were not already feeling so bad but as things are now, I really could care less. Unlike many of my peers I never was a fan of Michael Jackson and have instead always seen him as little more than a sad and at times disgusting person. On a human level I feel sorry for him and understand that he was probably in a lot of pain. I believe the primary thing that bothers me is this ridiculous treatment of him. I wouldn't mind if the coverage were at least honest but this attempted apotheosis of the self-styled King of Pop is making me want to puke... well, maybe it's the booze, but still, enough already.

Americans do not have royalty of our own, so we therefore make celebrities our kings. How unfortunate is that? So be it... Requiescat in pace, Michael.

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