Saturday, July 11, 2009

Road Pains

We're home, and after only fifteen hours in the car too! Yaaayy! We didn't leave yesterday until 3:30pm and promptly had to turn around to pick up the baby-monitor and a few other things we forgot. So at approximately 4:00pm we were once again underway, this time with the VW-bus fully loaded. I got probably four or so hours of sleep while my wife drove for the first eleven hours (thank you Starbucks!!) and then it was my turn as driver for the last four hours. We got home just before 7:00am and right on time for the baby to wake up after getting what seemed to be a full night's sleep. I therefore transfered from driver-duty straight to baby-duty and am currently enjoying the effects of sleep depravity and body aches from being in the car for so long. Fortunately because we were able to keep her on her normal schedule I am at the moment getting this chance to write because the little one is taking her mid-morning nap. Considering my state of mind, maybe I'll watch some crappy sci-fi movies. An episode of MST3K sounds like just the thing for me right now.

It feels so very good to be home! And at some point I will get to sleep in bed as well... sweet!

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