Thursday, July 30, 2009

Regimental Founding

I have reviewed my Imperial Guard collection and have decided on the first 1000 points on which I will begin working. What follows then is my initial army list for the Jopall 99th Indentured Squadron. (Yeah, I still don't know if I'm settled on "Squadron" or "Foot" or even "Rifles"... I'll get it figured out soon enough. I have decided however against using "Pioneers.")

Company Command Squad (125) Power weapon, Medi-pack, Regimental standard, Vox-caster, Plasma gun
Chimera Armoured Transport (55)

Ministorum Priest (60) Eviscerator

Guardsman Marbo (65)

Platoon Command Squad (60) Power fist, Vox-caster, Meltagun
Infantry Squad (60) Vox-caster, Grenade launcher
Infantry Squad (60) Vox-caster, Grenade launcher
Heavy Weapons Squad (75) Heavy bolters

Platoon Commad Squad (65) Power weapon, Plasma pistol, Vox-caster, Meltagun
Infantry Squad (60) Vox-caster, Flamer
Infantry Squad (60) Vox-caster, Flamer
Heavy Weapons Squad (60) Mortars

Armoured Sentinel (70) Lascannon

Basilisk (125)

The Jopall Indentured Squadrons are supposed to be defensive specialists and excellent marksmen so I've started thinking about how I want to represent these traits. My IG starter army list however seems to me fairly standard but I expect to be able to characterize it more when I begin expanding it towards a greater points total. I know for sure though that I want to include snipers and mortar teams, as well as being almost entirely composed of footsloggers. It's too bad there's no longer a way to represent sharpshooters as there was in the previous edition of the Imperial Guard codex.

Although I envision it as being a mostly infantry army, I would never have gotten interested in the Imperial Guard were I not also a lifelong treadhead. I must have some tanks! I tend to think of artillery as being primarily defensive weapons, but the Basilisk actually seems more useful in aggresive attacking armies with its ability to hide in cover and hit any part of the board regardless of where your assault is happening. In fact a Leman Russ Battle Tank or Demolisher would be more suitable to the role of supporting a shooting-type of defensive Guard army as it can get closer to the action with their thicker armour and shorter ranged weapons. There would be points enough to include a standard Leman Russ with sponsons if I were to drop the Basilisk and Sentinel, but I have decided against that as it would leave me without any Fast Attack units. As I get things painted I'll be able to start testing them out with the new rules and should have a better idea as to where to go with my army. I have often in the past fallen into the trap of trying to plan to far ahead so I want to be cautious lest I get too far ahead of myself with this project. I already have everything I will need for the 1000 point army listed above and with more than 600 points cleaned and assembled. I should therefore be set for quite a while at least.

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  1. Another option that I'm now considering would be to drop the Sentinel and Basilisk to make room for the old Leman Russ Battle Tank that I still have from ages ago. Plus it's painted so I could use it in games while I'm still working on the new stuff. My Leman Russ has a hull-mounted lascannon and heavy bolter sponsons but no extra optional equipment, which would leave me with 10 extra points to spend. Thus the Company Commander and the Platoon commander with the power sword Should get Melta Bombs and the army list is back to 1000 points.