Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Warehouse Firesale

For quite a while now I've been expecting to sell off as much of my accumulated gaming stuff as possible. I've been hoarding wargaming supplies and miniatures for as long as I've been a gamer so I've therefore amassed a sizable collection of hobby items over the last couple of decades. Every time that I have moved I have tried to cull my pile at least a little bit but never to any significant degree, although the last time I did manage to throw out a decent amount. I am happy though to now have a source of hopefully easily liquidated assests as my wife and I are working to relaunch my business after a year and a half of poor investments.

Even though I have sworn off Games Workshop in the recent past, I am not entirely prepared to sell every GW product that I own. I'm pretty confident though that I will be able to find plenty to stock my future eBay store. As for unpainted minis, I plan on keeping my Orks and Imperial Guard collections should I ever get the WH40K bug again (I actually suspect 40k Orks could be a likely project at some point... I absolutely love the plastic Stompa kit!). With regards to Warhammer Fantasy, however, I am not so certain. I think I am going to sell off everything except my Wood Elves and Orcs & Goblins collections. We'll see though, I still am pretty sentimental about my Dwarfs even though I am not too crazy about either their miniatures or their rules in the game, both of which I find kind of boring. If I were however to keep all five of those armies, that would end up being a fairly large mass of unpainted plastic and metal. Hmmm, what to do? Regardless, there is a lot that I know I can sell without hesitation that I should be kept busy enough without having to worry about Dwarfs and Elves for some time.

Let's see what I can think of without having to peek in the warehouse to assist my memory:

40K Eldar 2000+ points
40K Tyrandis 2000+ points
40K Marines 1000ish points
40K Chaos Marines 1000ish points
40K Plague Marines 1000ish points
WFB Empire 2000+ points
WFB Chaos 2000+ points
WFB Skaven 1000ish points

That makes for at least 12,000 points of unassembled and unpainted miniatures, and most of them would still be considered New-In-The-Box as well. I have no idea how much I'll be able to get for all of this... it sucks to be having to do this in the midst of the economic recession. I'm also not sure if I should sell things in big lots or if I am better off trying to sell individual box-sets. I've also got many individual and loose figures that I could sell, including quite a few that are considered rare. Those I am more reluctant to sell as they really do not occupy that much space. There's a lot I can sell before I get around to those oldies.

I'm looking forward to being free of all this clutter. My hobby has been too encumbering for too long. It will be liberating to be rid of those things that I will never get around to painting. I don't need it and I tired of having to cart it all around with me. Libertas!

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