Monday, February 1, 2010

Well, It's A Start

With the conclusion of the first month of the new year, I think it is appropriate for me to check on the status of my resolutions. I plan on doing this each month so that I can track my progress, or lack there of depending on how things go. Even though I'm not keeping up with all of them, I do feel good overall about my progress on some of them. Also I feel like even being mindful of the other ones will be beneficial in the long run as a way of motivating me. Let's get to it, then!

1. Even though I basically did not paint anything the last two weeks of the month, I still easily surpassed my goal of painting for at least four hours per week. I want to avoid any of these longer breaks from painting and would love it if I didn't miss a single day, but I'm not going to beat myself up over this. My little daughter had her first birthday party on the 31st of January so there was a huge amount of preparation necessary. A lot of friends and relatives came to the party and my in-laws stayed with us for the last few days of the month as well. We did so much cleaning that nights when I could have painted I was just too tired to even set up my painting station. Plus we had some unusually cold and wet weather this month which caused some unavoidable delays in getting those Scouts primed. I'm looking forward to making more progress in February.

2. I finished the Dreadnought and managed to get both it and the Librarian sealed with the matte varnish spray so I'm that much closer to having my Dark Angels ready for AdeptiCon. I'm freaking out just a little bit about making this deadline but I'm ready to hopefully turn it up some.

3. As noted above, I may not be making fast progress, but it is progress nonetheless!

4. Nothing to report here. A couple of times in January I wanted to do some painting but did not think I had anything ready to go. I'd forgotten about my Realm of Battle Gameboard and so missed an opportunity there to at least get started on it. To avoid this in the future, I think what I am going to do is get a few pieces of terrain primed and then just keep them ready to be painted... sort of a rainy-day thing to work on between other painting projects.

5. I started the New Year very strongly on this one and was drinking up to four liters a day of water. I've slipped however in the latter part of the month and therefore am recommitting myself to drinking more water.

6. I'm off to a good start with this one, having purchased the Open Fire! box for Flames of War, as well as a Circle Orboros Warpack for Hordes. I've read through the quick start rules for Hordes and have gotten the first batch of models assembled. This month I want to put together some models from a rival Hordes faction so that I can begin playing around with them and see how the game really works. I'm really eager to paint some warbeasts but feel conflicted about this because of my resolution to have the Dark Angels painted in time for AdeptiCon.

7. Even though it will probably be controversial, I'm counting this one as a success. I spent $115 in January on my hobby, having purchased Codex:Tyranids ($25), Open Fire! ($40), and a Warpack ($50). I wanted to patronize my local stores rather than just shop online as I normally do which is why I had to pay full retail on the Open Fire! and Warpack sets. Had I just gotten them from TheWarStore, however, my total for the month would have come in at $99.99. I tried to show support for my FLGS and ended up paying more than I had to. Oh well. Again, I do not think this is worth beating myself up over it. Lesson learned, though. I appreciate what the local stores are trying to do, but neither of them is very convenient to get to and aren't even all that great as gaming stores. So for this new month, I've already got my February purchases planned out and sitting in the online shopping cart.

8. I'm not sure exactly how much weight I lost in January, though I definitely lost some. I think it was around 11 pounds although that is just an approximation and could have been more. It turns out the electronic scale we have at home is wildly inaccurate and would change it's reading by several pounds just by moving it to a different spot on the floor. Fortunately my mother-in-law has given us a real scale like the ones you would see in a doctor's office so I have confidence that for the rest of the year I will be able to accurately track my weight loss.

9. I wasn't able to get in any games of 40k in January as everything got crazy and hectic in preparing for my baby's party. With my growing interest in other games, I'm considering expanding the scope of this resolution to include any of the wargames that I play or am currently learning to play. Also I still hope to play quite a bit at AdeptiCon so hopefully March will be able to make up for a few other months as well.

10. I hope I have done well so far on this one, but really I'll have to check with them on it. I do feel good about it, though. God I love them!!

So that's it for January... here's to a new month!!

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