Thursday, February 11, 2010

Argus WIP

I'm painting again! I've been working on two Argus models from my Circle Orboros Warpack for the last three hours which means that HORDES is now underway! I'm having a lot of fun and the miniatures are a joy to paint. I plan on staying up a while longer tonight and so I hope to have these two finished by tomorrow. Could I possibly have the whole group painted by the end of this weekend? That would definitely be a cool accomplishment. We shall see.

On this project I want to do a better job of keeping track of the colors I am using. Therefore I will be listing out my steps as I go along. This is what I've got so far:

Basecoat: Chaos Black
Body: Foundry 42A, 42B, 42C
Shaggy Fur: 42A, 42B, Devlan Mud (Argus #1) or Badab Black (Argus #2), 42B drybrush (A#1) or 32B drybrush (Argus #2), reapply appropriate washes to each Argus.
Armor Plates: 41A, 41B, 41C, Thraka Green, touch up along edges of armor with 41A
Muzzle and Nose: 34A, 34B, 34C, Badab Black
Harness: 45A, 45B, 45C, Devlan Mud
Metal Rings: 35A, 35B, 35C, Badab Black
Foot Pads: 34A, 34B, 34C, Devlan Mud
Claws: 10A, 10B, 10C, Devlan Mud
Teeth: 9A, 9B, 9C, Devlan Mud
Armor Edging: 36A, 36B, 36C, Devlan Mud
Eyes: 4B, Devlan Mud, 4B
Base: watered Bestial Brown, (possibly a wash of Devlan Mud?), Graveyard Earth drybrush, Kommando Khaki drybrush
Stones: 57A, 57B, 57C
Base Lip: 34A

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