Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Day in SC

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! I'm up early with the baby and so thought this might be a good time to post an update, especially since blogging later tonight might not be the most romantic of ways to spend the evening. Hopefully I'll still be able to get some painting done today as I am now very close to finishing the two Argus models. Even though I was aiming to complete them last Friday, this was not in the cards for me. Amazingly enough my area of the state got its first real snowstorm in a dozen or so years and ended up leaving a couple of inches of snow on the ground!

As fun as it was, this did not help my painting as we lost power Friday and it did not come back on until the early hours of the following day. I had been painting for only about a half hour or so before the lights went out and therefore wasn't able to get much accomplished on those doggies. Considering how rare of an occurrence this is for the coastal region of South Carolina, I'm not upset about this surprising delay and appreciate the little taste of seasonal variety. When it's usually green all year long, a day of seeing white is a nice change of pace. I took the above photo the next morning as the snow was quickly melting. The view is from our backyard looking out into the salt water marsh on which we live. We usually get very light snow flurries about once a year but the snow never sticks. Having snow on the ground this close to the ocean is indeed an exceptional thing to see and I'm grateful for it.

Last night I was able to get back to work and painted for probably another three hours. I finished painting the leather parts of their armor and harnesses, as well as taking care of their teeth and claws. The teeth in particular were pretty time consuming but I'm happy with the final results. All that's left now is to paint the gold trim on their armor and a couple of metal rings, their eyes, and then finally whatever tidying up needs to be done. Oh yeah, also the little stones on their bases. I'm not 100% confident that I'll finish them off today because of the holiday, but I do feel good about my progress and suspect that I will still be able to manage some painting time. Fun, fun, fun!

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