Friday, February 26, 2010

ChiTown Chaos

I've come up with some basic ideas on what type of Chaos army I might use at AdeptiCon. Since the convention officially begins four weeks from today, I need to keep any more painting required to a minimum and I therefore want to use only those miniatures that are already painted where possible. I haven't worked out points, but what follows is a rough outline of what I hope to include in my army list.

HQ: Chaos Sorcerer (partially painted)

Elites: Chaos Dreadnought

Troops: 6-9 Chaos Marine Squad, Rhino
Troops: 10 Chaos Marine Squad, Rhino
Troops: 5-7 Plague Marines, Rhino
Troops: 5 Lesser Daemons
Troops: 5 Lesser Daemons
Troops: 5 Lesser Daemons

Fast Attacks: ???, 3-4 Chaos Bikers (unpainted)

Heavy: 2-3 Obliterators

Although I usually like to have at least one selection from each category of the Force Organization Chart, in this case I'm not too concerned about taking a Fast Attack unit. My army used to have Flesh Hounds and Harpies, but since daemons all became generic in the current codex, I no longer have any painted Fast Attack guys. The Chaos Bikers are at least assembled so I'll consider trying to get them painted in time. I started the Chaos Sorcerer a long time ago and I doubt I would be able to replicate the old colors that I was using at the time, but otherwise I like the model and think it would be a fun inclusion in the army. I don't remember if there is a limit on the number of Troops choices that can be included so that would need to be addressed if I end up not being able to take more than three for the Team Tournament format. I'm going to spend sometime this weekend working out points values and whatnot and, once I find a list with which I am happy, I will figure out what painting I will actually have to do for it to be complete.

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