Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Contest Links Bonanza

To close out the Good Karma Pre-Heresy Celebration I've compiled a list of all the links submitted for the contest. To enter the drawing, I asked people to either post a link to something they've worked on of which they are proud, or to post a link to someone else's work that had provided inspiration or help for their hobby activities. In return I received a tremendous variety of fascinating submissions. Thanks to everyone who participated in this, I learned a lot from you and had a great time checking out so much hobby material. Thank you!

Blood Bowl (bonus b.smoove link)

Alright, lots of awesome stuff contained in those links.... Click, click, click. Click, click. Thanks again to everyone for making this a great celebration of miniatures and gaming glory. Woo-hoo!!



  1. Thanks for the plug of my Kroot Hounds! The resource you've just added gives me a lot of ideas now!

    I hope the wife lets me buy what I want now heh

  2. Cheers JJ. I appreciate the double nod.

  3. I'm going to have so much fun reading all of this!

  4. @ Lord Shaper - You're very welcome! I thought it was really cool to see what had inspired your work and to then turn around and see the results of that inspiration. I definitely enjoyed being able to see a project like that go from the initial idea to fully painted miniatures. Thanks, Lord Shaper!

    @ b.smoove - If you check through the comments people left on the original contest post, you'll see that quite a few made mention of A Gentleman's Ones. I think it's an admirable testament that you've inspired and helped out so many of your peers with your work. Thank you for engaging the hobby in such a gentlemanly way.

    @ Loquacious - It's certainly a wide assortment of hobby excellence, thank you for your contribution of awesomeness to it. ; ) Enjoy!

  5. Yeah! Some links I haven't checked yet! ;D

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow what a great collection of links and thanks so much for the link to my blog as well!

    I particularly liked: "Deathwing: Terminator Chaplin with GW Washes" It may change how I do black forever.

  7. @ Nesbet - After looking at all these links while putting the list together I decided I wanted to add a few as well. I'm really happy to know people are enjoying all the links submitted for the contest, it was a lot of fun for me to. Thanks, Nesbet!

    @ Rich - Yeah, that tutorial looks really cool. I've got a Black Legion army on hold and will definitely want to try out that technique once I get back to them. I'm glad I got to include a link to your own work, thanks!