Saturday, October 30, 2010

Plague Zombies WIP

Zombie fever... catch it!

Years ago I built a bunch of these plague zombies for a Lost and the Damned/WH Adversaries army but set them aside for other interests. Just the other day I remembered that I still had a few of these guys long overdue for painting and decided they'd make for a pleasant little Halloween project. It appears I've succumbed to this infectious contagion (I blame the Minions' awesome monthlong zombie fest, congrats on the award guys!) and now have an acute case of zombie fever, for which the only cure is more painting.

Or brains... we'll see. It's almost midnight, time to get back to work. Now where's that shotgun?


  1. Love the 40k zombie action! They can still be fielded in apocalypse with someone like Typhus in command of them :)

  2. Totally kick-ass! BRRAAAIINNNNSSSSS!

  3. Very nice. Nothing like a Zombie plague to stir the, ah, blood.

  4. @ jabberjabber - Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about using them in Apocalypse. Cool, thank you very much!

    @ Col. Hessler - Thank you, sir! : )

    @ John Lambshead - I agree, they are... invigorating? Thank you, John!

  5. These look really nice, should be easy to paint up!

  6. Thank you, Gyro. They did end up being pretty easy to paint and were a lot of fun, too. I just wish I could have finished them a little sooner so that I could get pictures posted while it was still Halloween. Oh well, I suppose any day is a good day for zombie photos. : ) Thanks again, Gyro!

  7. Thought I would pop in and say hi! How are you doing? Haven't blogged for months as y7ou can tell. 202 followers is highly admirable :)

  8. Wow, it's great to hear from you Bartender! Thank you so much for stopping by... I've been thinking about your blog a lot lately and plan on giving it a little attention in an upcoming post. I'll be sure to send you a note once I have it published.

    Everything has been going very well for me lately, although I have been really busy this past month or so. My family and I moved to North Carolina on the first of June and so I have not been able to keep up with blogging or my hobby activities for some time. We are settling in nicely though and are very happy in our new home. I expect I'll soon be able to get into a comfortable groove and return to painting and posting. :)

    Thank you again for stopping by to say hello, that was a very happy surprise for me. I hope you are doing tremendously well and that life has been very kind to you these last couple of months. I am quite excited to see that Sven is back on the job!! I read a news article not too long ago about exploding alarm clocks at some Ikea locations in Europe and knew instantly that it must be the work of SMORGES Board. Who else could be behind such a nefarious plot? ;)

    Best wishes, my friend... take care!!