Sunday, October 24, 2010

Good Karma Pre-Heresy Winners

I'm very grateful for all of you who entered this contest, thank you. Your links and proud creations were all fascinating and indeed quite inspirational. I appreciate everyone taking the time to participate and for your continued support of my own hobby endeavors as well. And thanks for making this such a successful celebration, too.

The winners of the Forge World MkIII marines, the pre-heresy weapons, and the Secret Weapon Miniatures display bases are Col. Gravis and Messanger of Death. Congratulations, guys! Send me an email at [+++DELETED FROM IMPERIAL RECORDS+++] so that we can work out the shipping details. Woo-hoo!

I really enjoyed this opportunity to learn more about your hobby experiences and to see so many examples of what keeps everyone motivated. It's been a lot of fun checking out all the cool and inspirational material you contributed to this. In a day or so I'll compile a list of all the links that were submitted and post them here in case anyone else wants to see what keeps us ticking. As a bonus for me there were even a number of tutorials in the mix that answered questions of my own, making this surprisingly helpful as well. I'm so encouraged by how this went that I'm already thinking about what to do for the next contest.

Thanks everyone... happy gaming!


  1. Congratulations to the winners!! =D

    And PapaJJ, to post a list of all the links it's a nice idea. Although I'm sure other persons (like myself) have already checked every entry for this contest xD

    I've found some interesting tutorials in this contest, thanks to everyone for the cool links ;D
    And to PapaJJ, who held this contest!

  2. Thanks for a good contest! I enjoyed it.

  3. I second the motion for a comprehensive list. Way to go on the giveaway Jason. We can both now attest to how good it feels to pass around some hobby goodness.

    Now get to work on that fancy new flyer...


  4. Congrats you two- may the Resin Emperor make your bolter aim true!

    Reading through the blogs was like a whos-who of the Blogger community. Wonderful contest Jason in which we all advanced our hobby a long way.

    Oh, and Gravis and MoD- I expect to see paint on those models ASAP!

  5. Congrats to the Col. and the Messenger! Lots of good stuff to come out of those links.

  6. Wow didn't expect to win some resin crack. Thankyou Papa JJ for the opportunity. I'll send an email ASAP.

    A great source for different tutorials (and tips) is on From The Warp...


  7. Congrats guys!

    Great contest. I wish I had won but it's good sharing all the links!

  8. Congrats to the winners! It was really fun following all those links!

  9. Wow awesome, thank you Papa JJ! I drop you an email shortly!

    Was great fun going through all the entries I've got say, there's lot of quality hobby content out on the blogosphere!

    DrGabe, I'm afraid in my case there won't be any paint directly on that model, the Pith Helmet itself became part of the Pith Helmetted Head release by Secret Weapon miniatures, I'm gonna be making use of some of the heads released soon though!